What Makes Me Smile, part XVII

The scent of a campfire.

One of the first things you notice when nearing a campground…

is the scent of a campfire burning.

Things like…

 marshmallows, kindling and laughter come to mind.

After a long day of boating, swimming, tubing and fishing, there’s nothing as relaxing as sitting around a campfire.

Nothing special to do.

Nothing special to talk about.

Just listening to the popping and crackling.

Watching the flickering of the flames.

And enjoying the company of friends and family.

What’s making you smile?


12 comments on “What Makes Me Smile, part XVII

  1. You are right….a campfire brings up great memories and smiles for me. But today? Today I wake to my beautiful dimpled smile of my 3 year old granddaughter. THAT makes me smile.

  2. What wonderful photos of the fire – vibrant color in them – well done!
    The best campfires I remember are from my days in
    4-H. At the end of the day playing games and singing around the fire was a lot of fun. Remembering that is making me smile – thanks.

  3. Becky: I want to say one thing about campfires. The smoke follows me no matter where I go around the fire. It must be sort of the same things with you and cows’ eyeas. Inquisitive minds want to know why smoke follows FG and cows’ eyes follow Becky.

    A fish on the end of the line makes me smile.
    A golf shot that goes where you want males me smile.
    A good movie makes me smile.
    A nice comment on the blog makes me smile.
    My grandkids make me smile.

  4. My dogs make me smile, a campfire (you nailed this one) also make me smile, flowers that I’ve planted that start blooming make me smile and reading the blogs of e-friends like you make me smile. You have blessed me with many smiles….

    Thank you.


  5. I love your photos! They are gorgeous. You are giving me feelings of pyromania 🙂 I want to light a fire and take pictures of it.

    Okay…what is making me smile? How about sleeping children? Getting through the insanity of my day. Thoughts of sweet nothings in a few 😉

  6. Ahhhh…..that post and pictures made me smile.
    Thinking of all the camping trips we did with the kids. Sipping hot chocolate (ok, mine had a little something in it to help me sleep…) and making sure they didn’t fling burning marshmellows at each other.

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