When The Cow Jumped Over The Moon…

It was probably chasing me!

That’s right. Cows don’t like me.

They chase me.

See how that one is sizing me up? I took that last Sunday.

And notice, I am far away, on the OTHER side of the fence!

My first experience with cows was when I was 12 years old. My Mother, Grandmother and I flew to Missouri to visit some relatives who owned a dairy farm.

My cousin and I hit it off well. Everyday was a new adventure for me. To get to the swimming hole, we had to walk through the pasture.There were cows here there and yonder.  A few of them began walking toward us. My cousin, being around cows most of her life, began flapping a towel to deter them. Thank goodness!

A day or so later, we wandered down a dry creek bed to the neighbors dairy farm. Not long after crossing under the fence, the neighbor cows detected us. They began looking up, one at a time. They looked at eachother, then back at me and my cousin. Then began running full steam toward us.

Let me tell you…

I had never been so scared in my life!

I didn’t think twice. I didn’t know where I was in the great state of Missouri, but I knew where I came from.

I came from the safety of the other side of that fence.

I ran…

 like I never had before.

I ran…

 for my life!

I ran…

 off and left my cousin.

When I got to that fence, I didn’t stop to crawl under.

I dove under. I didn’t care if I ate those rocks I was diving head first into.

I didn’t care if the barbed wire fence scalped me or ripped my shirt off.

As long as I made it to the other side! 

Once I was safe on the other side of the fence, I stopped.

My heart was beating 90 miles a minute. It took a bit for me to catch my breath.

I then realized, my cousin hadn’t made it yet. I began to get worried. I started pacing the fence like a horse wanting on the other side.

She finally came running around a bend in the creek. Out of breath, but safe.

She said she’d never had those cows do that before, and she walked over there all the time.

Then when I was about 6 months pregnant with my last child, my Mother and Father-in-law had cows, here on the farm.

I’ll just say, I ended up jumping a fence to get away from a cow.

My Dad, back in his younger days, used to lead his cow with a halter and lead rope.

I’m not gonna get close enough to a cow to try to put a halter on one.

When my in-laws had the cows, they bought a bull to go along with them.

The owner said he was a big baby. You could do whatever you wanted with him.

That bull was huge. His name was Red. And The Captain handled him well.

I didn’t get anywhere near that bull.

Knowing my luck with cows, I probably would have tripped and fell trying to get outta his way and he would have plowed over me like a freight train.

No siree, I wasn’t gonna give it a chance.

Me and the cows…

We have a mutual agreement…

As long as I stay outta their pasture, they won’t chase me.

Sounds like a good deal to me!




12 comments on “When The Cow Jumped Over The Moon…

  1. This made me chuckle!

    I don’t think cows like me either, but I’ve never been chased by one. I always walk past them on my evening walk and say things like “Hi cows” and “moo cows” and they just look at me like I’m an idiot.

  2. Thanks for the smile, even though you probably don’t see any humor in your story.

    When I was young I would spend a week out on my Aunt and Uncles farm each summer (They were more like Grandparents to me since I was raised by my Grandparents). I have some wonderful memories from those years. I was around cows a lot when I was on their farm. The one thing I do remember my Aunt telling me is that if the cows have calves they will chase you because they are protecting their calves.

    Bulls – nope – never want to be in the same fenced area as a bull, not matter what anyone says – THEY ARE MEAN!

  3. Becky: That was really funny, you certainly have a healthy fear of cows. I think they know you ate their cousins and stole their milk for your cereal. Either way I would stay out of their way.

  4. That’s funny! OK, not for you, but I’ve never seen cows charge anyone. You must be right! They must sense something about you. Now BULLS are a different story…

    Where in Missouri? That’s where I’m from. I know a couple of dairy farmers. The odds are small, but doesn’t hurt to ask!

  5. I have never been chased by a cow but the bulls are mean, mean, mean. Our neighbors had a huge Charolais bull when I was a kid and every time you even walked near the fence he would snort and paw the ground. Used to scare the pants off of me.

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