All Aboard!!

I promised to take you for a boat ride around Lake Wateree.

The Captain will be our guide.

Grab you life vest and let’s go!

Boys trying to catch fishing bait for their next fishing expedition.

While on the water, we see all kinds of water craft.

I don’t know those guys, but I thought it made an interesting scene.

They look relaxed don’t they?

Geese preparing to take a dip in the cool lake water.

Egrets perched high.

Bird nests under a bridge.

While we were stopped, letting the kids do this…

I kept my eye on this hawk. He was keeping an eye on the water, for lunch.

In the picture below, he is diving into the water, trying to catch lunch.

We like to ride around and look at the lake houses.

Dreaming that one day we may own a home on the lake.

Nothing fancy, just comfortable and relaxing.

Truth be told, we probably couldn’t afford the land this house is sitting on.

And last but not least, I give you, a redneck anchor.

Not on our boat. On the one parked to our right. I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Never know what you might find at the lake.


8 comments on “All Aboard!!

  1. Oh, I want to be there taking a ride with you. I love the water. If I had my druthers I’d be living at a lake or in a beach town. Water is so peaceful to me.

    Thanks for the ride…


  2. Love the anchor! Yes it would be nice to have a home on a lake. But think about it, my luck it would flood! Great pictures, except the nests those are kinda freaky! Nests should be made out of hay twigs chicken feathers. you know soft looking! Those look like wasp nests! eeee!

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