What Makes Me Smile-part XVI


The word goofy makes me smile!

What does it mean, anyway?

Something silly? Funny? Unusually weird?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “goofy” is…

being crazy, rediculous or mildly ludicrous.

That sounds about right.

And goofball.

 What is a Goofball?

Someone who does silly things, just because they can?

I live with a Goofball. AKA, The Captain, my husband.

It is almost impossible to get a picture of him that doesn’t show him making a goofy face.

I work with another goofball. He’s always singing.

Singing is not goofy, you say?

Well, it is when you sing it out of key and out of time.

Just being goofy.

My kids are goofy, at times.

My friends are goofy, at times.

And yes, I am goofy. Especially, if I have had an adult beverage or two. And the more adult beverages I drink, the goofier I get.

 I don’t drink adult beverages very often, for that reason.

See there…goofy, goofball, goofier.

Say it.

 See, it’s fun to say that word. Makes you smile just thinking it.

What comes to mind when you think the word goofy?

Mickey’s best friend?

A random act of silliness?

Or, something you’ve seen a total stranger do.


Who came up with that word anyway?

It’s just “goofy”.

I like that word……….”goofy”.

 When I hear that word, my ears perk up.

To me, it means a smile is surely on it’s way.

What’s making you smile this week? Something “goofy”, maybe?

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6 comments on “What Makes Me Smile-part XVI

  1. LOL!! Goofy!! To cute! We have a friend that looks like he could be your hubbys brother!! He is a “goofy” character too! How Funny! My husbands laugh! Cracks me up. The one when something is really funny ! He will make you laugh just hearing him laugh!! What makes me smile…you! All my blog friends, when you take the time to post a comment on my page! That always brings a smile to my face! Thanks! Friend, for making me smile!! (wink)

  2. Goofy always makes me think of Disney’s character – always.
    The captain sure does look a little goofy. Not so much that goofy look, but that Clemson Tiger hat – that’s just got to go. LOL!!
    Tell him it’s just my good natured goofiness!

  3. Goofy to me makes me think of people like Gomer Pyle. My husband tends to use that word alot when describing people ~ “He’s kind of goofy.” Yep, and my husbands “kinda goofy” himself. Makes me smile…

  4. I like how you say when you hear the word, “Goofy,” your ears perk up. It’s as if you know something fun and wonderful is about to happen!

    Prince Charming is goofy. I can’t even begin to explain all the reasons!

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