Some of the Things I Miss

For some reason, I have been getting all sentimental lately.

Possibly, because my youngest child just entered middle school. His first step towards independence.

Possibly, because my two oldest have started families of their own. Have homes of their own. Lives of their own. I don’t hear from them as much as before. They’re busy with work and childcare and adult friends of their own.

Possibly, because the other blogs I’m reading, have been writing about empty nests and children entering their first day of school.

Stop that! Your not helping me any!


just maybe,

it’s all those things combined.

 Making me think about all the things I miss.

Things I was too busy to stop and relish in the comfort of.

Things I took for granted.

I miss the carefree days of childhood. Riding bikes, climbing trees, catching frogs and crawdads, swimming…

As you can see, I wasn’t much for girl things. I was a tom-boy.

Still am.

I miss my best friend. She was more of a tom-boy than I. We learned from eachother. We got married, had children and went our seperate ways. I wonder how she is. I wonder if she misses me, too.

I miss my hometown back in West Virginia. I walked miles along the roads, railroad tracks and along the banks of the Elk River.

I miss my girlish figure. You know, the one before giving birth. Flat tummy, slim hips and firm muscles.

I miss when my kids were still toddling around. Following me everywhere I went. Couldn’t bear for me to be out of their sight.

I miss bear hugs and butterfly kisses.

I miss Mom and Dad. I spent a lot of time with them in the last year of their life. And I am glad I was able to. But I wish there had been more time. More memories.

These are just some of the things I miss.

What are some of the things you miss?


10 comments on “Some of the Things I Miss

  1. There is a time period that both men and women go through when they become melancholy about themselves and how they look. It takes a while to get through it and people often go off on binges trying to salve the thoughts with youthful things, like a red convertible or a new ring or something to give them comfort for a while. I know my wife and I have gone through it and we have been married for 53 years. Our oldest three children at over 50 and our baby is 37.

    What do I miss about them days would be my ability to get down on the floor and get back up without having to look around the room for something to lean on or to use as a kind of ramp to roll up on. At our age we do not have any illusions about youth. LOL

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. Becky: I agree with the missing of Mom and Dad. I did spend a lot of time with them during their last days and am thankful for that. I agree with abe about how things get tougher with age but it is something you have to get through. My knees don’t hurt near as much when I’m on my boat.
    Interesting to hear your a WV girl. I have several friends from there.

  3. I miss lots of things about childhood. I believe my childhood could be called mostly idyllic. Though I wasn’t a tomboy, my mother was, and I learned to play outside, though I was still girly in some of the things I did. I miss playing outside and climbing trees and riding my bike what seemed like ALL DAY and picking flowers and just sitting and watching things. But I don’t miss it as much for me (OK, sometimes I would give ANYTHING for life to be that simple again) as for my girls. Their childhood is completely different. We live on a tiny lot, not a few acres (and we have no friends with giant hundreds of acres like I did when I was a child). They can’t wander around the neighborhood because although it is a safe area, what are really IS safe these days? But overall, I try to realize that they never knew the childhood I had, and maybe theirs will be idyllic, too, just in a completely different way. When they’re older, they’ll miss running on the stepping stones beside the house and all the pigeons that flock to the bird feeders. (Poor things!) They seem happy and like they enjoy life. They just don’t know about running around on acres and acres (except when we visit Grandpa.)

    Oh, and the girlish figure? I try to not think about it!

  4. I miss the innocence and wonder of my youth. Every day a new adventure. No stressing out about getting the bills paid. Never caring about what you look like, what your yard looks like, what your house looks like, just going outside and having fun every single day! I see my kids doing it now and it just makes me miss those times.

  5. What a wonderful post!
    I think we all look back as you have today. I know I’m in the early ‘autumn’ of my life and while I love my kids having their own families I miss ‘my family’. Blogging has certainly help bring a whole new world into my life for the better.
    I think it would be nice if we could go back for a day here and there just to savor the moments.
    You speak of walks along the Elk River. My Hubs grew up in that area too near Queen Shoals and Dutch Ridge and Clendenin. We still have family nearby.It’s really a small world some days.

  6. i, too, have those moments of melancholy…and I’m not an empty nester, I never had children other than the 4 legged variety. I blame my older brothers and sisters with crushing any maternal yearnings because of helping with their kids. Changing dirty diapers (and cleaning up other yukky bodily fluids) just wasn’t my thing and you have to know that was back in the day before disposable diapers. I do miss riding bikes with my sibs and friends. I miss winning the boys marbles at school, playing kickball and baseball. I miss being able to have the care free days and nights and I wish that kids nowadays could have experienced freedom like we had fifty years ago… but, hopefully, kids now will have their own good memories about childhood times and growing up in today’s times. I guess we all think our growing up days were the best. I miss my folks, especially my mom… she was a special, special lady…

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane…


  7. I think with the change in seasons it brings on little melancholy moments.
    I miss school clothes shopping with my two girls (who are now 24 and 28), and they used to come home and put on a fashion for their dad after dinner.
    I miss people that I have lost…especially my mom and dad and my in-laws.
    I too miss my girlish figure…sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t recognize that it is me.
    I was laid off from work 6 months ago and I miss (just a teeny tiny bit) talking to girls in the office, local gossip and having to use my brain and being respected for the job I did.
    But with all of this……i love spending time with my grandchildren, I love seeing that both of my daughters have grown up to be strong independent women. I love spending time with my husband alone and I am proud that we have been married nearly 30 years. Ii am proud that with those that I have lost, each and every one of them knew how I felt about them…..I wish we spent more time together, but we spent good quality time together.
    And I’m thankful that I have memories and I hope to provide happy memories to my family for many years to come.

  8. This is a lovely post. I miss first and most my daughter. 28 years is not enough time. I miss my father who was the light in my life growing up. He was the nurturing parent in my youth. I miss feeling that time was in abundance. I miss getting lost in a book without a care in the world, chasing grasshoppers, climbing trees, building forts, swimming in our swimming hole, riding our horses all over the mountains, playing Tonka trucks with my brother, eating apples fresh off our apple trees, having spitting contests. Oh I have to stop here…too many.

  9. I miss my Dad, he died several years ago but he had alzheimer’s so really it’s like he’s been gone forever. I miss not having worries. I miss not wondering if I’m making the right decisions for my family. I miss the simple life.

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