What Makes Me Smile, part XV


Coming home from vacation makes me smile.

That last mile seems to take forever.

We all need a vacation away from home occasionally.

But, it feels good coming home. Familiar surroundings.

The barking, whinneying and tweeting I hear when coming home is welcoming.

Although, I’ll miss where I came from.

Where we had hot doughnuts for dinner.

Where we played cards till the wee hours of the morning.

Where we relaxed and enjoyed each others company.

Where we enjoyed the sights and walked the beach.

Where we had an adventure or two.

Although, I’ll miss all those things.

It’s good to be home.

What’s making you smile this week?


10 comments on “What Makes Me Smile, part XV

  1. Aw – vacations, can’t even remember the last vacation we went on. You can’t wait to leave on vacation but then you can’t wait to get home.

    There’s no place like home.

    You have a nice blog, just thought I’d leave a comment and say hello.

  2. I like your blog so much that I am passing along an award to you. If you would like to display it please come on over to my blog to receive it. The award gif and rules are in the post “I Got an Award”.

  3. Making me smile this week is the fact that we’re expecting a cool down and I’m gonna get to turn the air off for a few days! Ha! I’m easy to please!

  4. What a wonderful post!
    I love having visited but coming home swells your heart and grounds you.
    What’s making me smile – the subtle changing in the color of the leaves – ah, sweater weather! 🙂

  5. I love vacation. But there is something to be said for coming home. Especially for sleeping in my own bed.

    What has made me smile? I started teaching my Latin class today (to homeschoolers) – and one of my students, at the end of class said “that was so much FUN!”

  6. Yum hot donuts…I can remember the first time I had a hat Krispy Creme donut….it was in Vegas, very late at night with my kids when they were younger with a glass of ice cold milk. Darn…I wish I had one close by~~

  7. Say it isn’t so! Not…Krispy Kremes!! I love those little hip huggers!! But alas we have none here in Az anymore! They all shut down. Sometimes the kids have fund raisers, and sell them. It is not the same as being able to get them fresh and hot!!

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