Charleston Trees

 I am fascinated with trees, as you can tell from this post.

The tree pictures in this post were all taken in Charleston, South Carolina.

Crepe Myrtle in full bloom.

 The following are Palmettos, taken at James Island County Park Campground.

This one was too tall to get a full up close picture. So I took one of the top and one of the bottom.

A row of Pamettos line the drive as you enter James Island County Park.

This one wasn’t at the park, but I thought is was beautiful.

I like the way the Live Oaks and the Spanish Moss hang in a canopy over the roadways.


A couple of close up shots of Spanish Moss.

I wonder how old this Palemtto is?

If only the trees could talk…

Would they tell you about their first hand memories of the Civil War?


7 comments on “Charleston Trees

  1. Becky: This is a wonderful set of tree captures. I like the ones where you have the special lighting.

    I found myself doing this in Florida and taking photos of trees. I have so much going on my site that I never got to post them. Maybe when Winter wraps around us with a blanket of snow, I’ll find some time.

  2. I love the photos with the sun filtering through but I think my favorite is the Spanish moss. Wow! I too love trees and love to lay in grass and look up watching the leaves rustle and the birds flit in and out. Nothing better.

  3. Becky – I think it’s getting a little eerie how much we have in common! I love trees too, these are great pictures.
    We have about 5 catalpa trees in our yard and they are huge, in the spring, they are so beautiful with their white flowers.

    I think it’s so amazing to think about all of the beautiful things that God created for us to admire. All we have to do is step out the front door and just open our eyes.

  4. Hi Becky,
    I saw your comment on Fishing Guy’s blog that you hadn’t seen a buckeye tree since you left WV.

    I was born and raised here and moved back last year after living 30 years in Virginia.
    Lots of interesting things on your blog – I love the last image in today’s post.
    It was nice to meet you!

  5. I love trees, too. I think they have so much character and personality. “Your” trees are much different from the ones to which I am accustomed. And if they could talk, what they would have to say would probably be amazing. Probably educational.

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