Sweet Surprises

When The Captain and I were dating, I would often bestow upon him sweet surprises.

He never knew what to expect when he came to visit.

One hot August day, I was off work early, he was not. He planned to visit later that evening.

Knowing this, I took my 10 year old daughter, her friend and our roommate to Wal-Martz and bought a few water guns.

While he was working away outside in the heat all day. We were devising a plan of how to spring a surprise attack on him with the water water guns.

When he got home, he showered and called me to inform me he was on his way. We began searching for hiding spots and loading our guns.

At the time, he drove a 70-something, 4×4, Dodge truck dubbed, “The Moose”. You had to climb in and slide out. Have I told you how much I love big 4×4 trucks? Which probably has something to do with why I now drive a truck. It was a standard shift which accented the sound of the headers. I loved it!

He was happily making his way toward my apartment completely unaware of the planned attack. And without the weapon of choice in his possession. We took our places outside and listened. We could hear that truck coming from three traffic lights away.

The apartments were townhouses, which meant two units per building. When we heard the rumble of the headers turn into the apartment drive, we moved further back into the shadows and waited.

He backed into a parking spot beside my car, right in front of the building. Perfect!

He shut the truck off, fiddled around inside the truck a minute, opened the door, slid out of the truck, grabbed his always present cup of tea and shut the door. He turned and started walking toward the building…

At my command we came running, yelling and squirting toward him. All four of us! Two on each side.

As I drew closer, he sat down his tea, lurched forward and grabbed me. At the time, I weighed 115 lbs. dripping wet. He could throw me around like a rag doll. Running full steam toward him, there was no stopping and backing up.

That’s it, I became a human shield.

Not fair!

The attack was on him! Not me!

Do you think my partners in crime would stop squirting? Oh noooo, they kept squirting until their ammo was drained.

Not fair!

Silently, he planned his revenge.

A few days later, when he returned to visit, he brought along his bigger and better water gun. A “Super Soaker”! Are you familiar with those? They hold a lot of water, and don’t shoot a small squirt, like my el-cheapo little pea squirters. It shoots a continuous pencil-sized stream. Until, it runs out of air pressure. Then, it’s just a second to pump back up the air pressure and start shooting again. He prefers to stand in one spot and soak you rather than to chase you around and squirt you.

That’s my Captain. Always bigger and better!

He won the soaking contest.

But he didn’t win the surprise attack! After all, we expected him to get revenge. It was just a matter of time.

What little surprises have you bestowed upon your sweetie?

I could use some fresh ideas! Heh, heh!



11 comments on “Sweet Surprises

  1. Cute post. I planned a surprise costume party for his 40th birthday which is on Halloween. I dressed up as a witch and he had no idea it was me. He was looking all over my brothers house for me as I chased him in my most haggy voice asking him to come stir my brew. He is somewhat shy so he didn’t know what to do. Hilarious look on his face when I used my real voice. My green makeup and wig were that good.

  2. Great story…. I don’t know that I ever “got” J, but if I did I would share it with you…

    Also, Thanks for stopping by with the yeast roll story earlier, I love it when I get a new guest.

  3. Very cute story! I can’t ever get my hubby on anything. He is too smart for me-and I can never try to pull the wool over his eyes without smiling and giving it away.

    Loved the part about the headers. Deer Hunter had a truck you climbed into and it had headers too-when we met.

  4. I’m afraid if I surprised my husband like that he’d have a heart attack! 🙂 Of course, he’d probably say that after almost 44 years of marriage I’m still surprising him every day. blessings, marlene

  5. Ha ha! That is too funny!
    I like to play tricks on my husband all the time! He’s an easy target! Every once in a while when we’re at a fast food joint, he’ll set the food on the table then walk away to get napkins and condiments. I will take a big ol’ bite out of his sandwich and then wrap it back up. He knows now that I did it, but that first time, you should’ve seen the fit he threw! I almost let him walk back up to the counter and complain…but thought better of it and fessed up. 🙂

  6. What a fun story! I’m always careful about surprises because I’m afraid of the retribution!

    My favorite “surprise” is something we cannot do at this house. If you have the squirty thing by your kitchen sink, you can put a rubber band around it so that it is stuck “on.” Aim it at where someone would stand if they turn on the sink, then make sure YOU are not the one there. When unsuspecting person turns on the kitchen faucet, they get a spray.

    Our faucet now has the spray built in, so I can’t do it, but it was a good one–worked EVERY time when we used to have the separate squirty thing!

  7. I’m sitting here grinning. What a great, fun story!

    My husband drove an old 70’s something truck that I had to climb into when we were dating also. Boy do I miss that truck!

    A friend of my used to pack hard-boiled eggs in her husband’s lunch alot. One day she got a naughty impulse and stuck an unboiled egg in instead. I still keep meaning to use that one!

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