Can You Relate?

We have been gone, camping, four of the last five weekends.

To Charleston, SC, the first two weekends, and the week in between.

The third, I had to work, it was my Saturday.

The last two, at Lake Wateree, SC.

This coming Saturday, is my Saturday to work, again.

I work all day. When I get home the last thing I want to do is more work!

I have a yard that needs mowing.

A kitchen that needs cleaning.

Floors that need a little more than a sweeping.

Clothes to wash.

Things need putting in their place.

Food to cook. Critters to feed. Grocery, school supply and clothing shopping to do.

And everything else that needs doing around a busy household.

And when I get done with that…

I’ve gotta clean the camper….and get it ready for next time.

When the house gets messy, I get messy!

I go to bed every night, knowing there is more to be done. I think my subconscious is still trying to clean while I sleep.

The Captain helps when he can. He works a lot of hours, so his help time is limited.

Boo helps some, too.

Just when I think I’m getting caught up, off we go again. It awaits my return. Darn it! And then there’s the mess that comes back with me.

So I start over, again.

And then there’s the matter of…

I make a mess cleaning up another mess. It drives me mad! I hate having to do things over!!!

I want to do whatever “it” is and get it done.

Can you relate?

What’s keeping you so busy, you can’t keep up with the everyday stuff?




 C’mon, leave me a comment! Tell me you can relate! Tell me one day it’ll all get done!

But, don’t tell me it’ll never get done. I don’t think I could handle it. 



Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining!

I enjoy going camping! I enjoy the time away. I just get frustrated when I come home and there is so much to do.

I am thankful, that I am able to go, there may come a time when I am not.

And when and if that day comes, I will sit on my porch and enjoy the memories I’ve made!


6 comments on “Can You Relate?

  1. Have you ever heard of the Flylady? I’ve been following her cleaning system for about 3 weeks and I’m amazed at how clean my house is now and how effortless it seems. And it’s not just for stay-at-home mom’s either. There are tons of testimonials on there from working women too. The basis is that you use baby steps towards getting the chaos and clutter out of your life. If you’re interested, you can check it out at
    I felt exactly like you and decided to give it a try (my aunt’s been doing it for a while) and it really has helped me. I was being consumed by clutter and spending what felt like entire days trying to get organized only to find at the end of the day the house looked the same or worse than when I started. The key is to just follow the baby steps and not worry about the rest and before you know it, your whole house is clean EVERY DAY and without spending hours doing it.

  2. Becky: I say you always have to pay to play, just kidding. Once the kids are gone things slow down a lot. The grandkids even get too busy so you get to do your own thing. I hope that gives you encouragement.

  3. Uh-huh, I can so relate! You’ve checked out my blog, I’ve always got something going on! Either the kids are home wanting my attention or it’s hubby wanting the same. Plus, I’ve always got two or three irons in the fire!

    But you know…when I leave this life, I really don’t want people to remember that all I did was keep a clean house…I’d much rather they remember how much I loved and enjoyed life!

    And hey! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. yup I can relate! I am in the prcess of cleaning out the house getting ready for a yard sale. with little time to spare it is taking a long time so I had to stash the yard sale stuff in the den/weight room downstairs. Well God had a since of humor and flooded my basement! Now not only do I have to fininsh going through the house But now cleanup from the flood and go back through all the yardsale stuff to see if it got ruined or not!

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