Ant Graveyards and Dust Bowls

I found another rainbow!

It’s a windsock type thing I found at a local store that specializes in yard art and yard bird supply. Chirp and Chatter.

You know me and rainbows and hot air balloons! It was a little pricey but I just had to have it.

Wish I could buy some rain! We need it here desperately. We have had drought conditions for over a year.

Below are some pictures showing you just how bad we need rain.

This is from my yard.

Notice the lack of grass.

Driving down the highway, I noticed this wiper had forgotten how to work correctly. Every few seconds, it would swipe across the license plate.

Driving past this construction site along the highway…

We were met with this dust cloud. This was a Saturday evening, they weren’t even running the heavy equipment.

The ants are driving everyone mad! They are in everyones house, searching for water. They are in places there is no water. Just searching.

And speaking of ants…what do you think they do with their dead?

They bury them in my yard, is what they do with them.

Think about this.

We live on top of the ground and we bury our dead under the ground.

Ants live under the ground and they bury their dead on top of the ground.

Strange, huh?

There are little piles of dead ants all over the farm.

Remember when I told you about the ant dude coming to my house to rid me of those determined little critters?

I have seen a few, here and there. But they curl up and die quickly. Yippee! I am rid of those pesky little things, atleast for now.

This is a river I cross over everday going to and from work. Notice all those rocks? They should be under water and not be seen.

Yes, it’s very dry. We have water restrictions. The car washes are closed. Beautifully manicured lawns are now brown. People with wells, worry about them going dry.

Please, pray it will rain in the southeast. And if you are in an area that is getting too much rain, send some our way!

7 comments on “Ant Graveyards and Dust Bowls

  1. Becky: I thought the windsock was a real hot air ballon, how funny. It is very cute. We have had the wettest summer i remember and now we have a cool down in August. Our area has no water problems. i guess we are lucky.

  2. I hope you get some rain, and in nice, gentle showers, not a deluge of run-off. We live in the desert and rarely get rain, so lack of it doesn’t make me nervous like it would if I lived someplace like you do.

  3. The the windsock-is so you!! I can’t wait to tell the girls about the ants. Very neat info. The cracks and the dust is just plain scary. I hope we both get rain soon.

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