What Makes Me Smile, part XII

Some of you may be wondering just how long I’m gonna keep this “What Makes Me Smile” series going.

Hopefully, it will go on forever, cause I’m always looking for a reason to smile.

 And I hope you are, too!

It will go until I can’t find anything to smile about. Which is “never”! Or, until I run out of Roman numerals to use. Did the Romans actually run out of numerals? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never counted that high.

I know before too long, I’ll have to look them up somewhere. It’s been awhile since I studied them in school.

C’mon now, it ain’t been that long!

 Just awhile.

And no, I’m not telling how long awhile is.

Now, back to what makes me smile…

Sunday morning breakfast.

Sunday morning breakfast makes me smile.

Every Sunday, The Captain cooks the bacon.

I catch up on my blog posts and visitations while The Captain fries the bacon. The aroma starves me while it cooks.

He would rather I fix my famous breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, fried taters, biscuits and gravy. But too many years of that, has contributed to the reason why I can no longer wear my jeans.

Much to his dismay, I only fix that on a special occasion.


So, while I’m sitting there looking at my computer, starving…

The Captain brings my bacon, expertly prepared to the perfect crispness, lightly toasted and buttered bread and a cold glass of milk (with a straw).

Did ya catch the straw in that picture? Go ahead, scroll back up there and look!

See, I told ya. He knows I like straws. He takes care of me, I tell ya!

 Sunday morning breakfasts make me smile.:)

Your turn…

What’s making you smile this week?

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5 comments on “What Makes Me Smile, part XII

  1. Making me smile this week is my 6 yr. old, bursting with excitement at the thought of school starting next week! She can’t wait!

  2. Becky: I’m glad you can smile and share it.
    The things that make me smile are family, fishing, golfing, blogging and gardening. I guess basically I’m a happy person. Thanks for the reminder.

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