I Warned You…

I’d be back.

I’mmmm Baaaack!

And tired!

Did ya miss me? Huh, huh, did ya, did ya?

 Awww, shucks! Your gonna make me blush!

I’ll have some great pics for ya, as soon as I can get myself organized. I downloaded most of them last night. Only because I could set the computer up to download and walk away to one of my many other necessaries.

You know how it is when you get back from vacation….

Unload the truck and camper. You know, the camper I threw everything in at the last minute, cause I didn’t have time to get ready, and yelled    “Let’s go! Charleston, here we come!!”

Load the washing machine. A weeks worth of laundry really piles up when you don’t have a washer and dryer handy to throw a load into and walk away.

Check on all the critters. They were jumping for joy when they saw the truck make that last turn into the drive. In my mind, I could see their ears perking up when the sound of that diesel engine came within earshot. “Do you hear what I hear?  Could that be… Yes, it’s the human peoples. They didn’t abandon us…they’re back.” Barking, whinnying (is that how you spell that?) and tweeting were the sounds that greeted us.

Turn the pool pump back on and check out the damage from a weeks worth of neglect. I know “noble pig” knows what sadness that can bring on. She had to drain hers and start over. That’s not possible here, due to the drought conditions we’ve been in for the past year. With the spring rains we were lucky enough to be able to fill our pools.

Check messages. Stupid telephone spam!!

Go through the piled up mail and newspapers. Bills and important stuff in one stack. Junk in file 13. And newspapers…like I’ve got time to sit down and read 9 days worth of news. NOT! I am lucky if I get to read it daily, without falling asleep.

Give the lawn a “grass” cut. We must have had some rain, cause the lawn sure needs a trim. That’s up to The Captain and Boo. I get to handle everything else.

Oh yeah, and fix dinner. Cause your tired of eating out. We grilled and snacked and such while camping. But when your at the beach, you get your fill of fresh seafood. And sometimes, your out doing other things and lose track of time.

So, what did you do while I was gone?

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have pics ready for a post. We took over 1,000 pics. Some will be deleted. The others will have to be organized, and narration prepared, so you’ll understand what you may be looking at. I’ve been told that some of my pics didn’t make sense until I explained them. Guess you had to be there for instant understanding.

Until tomorrow….