Canine Critters

I thought I’d introduce you to a few of our critters, here on the farm.

I have had dogs as long as I can remember.

This is Stretch, our miniature daschaund. He’s very mild mannered and lovable. He likes belly scratches and kisses. We’ve had him since 7 weeks old, he’s now 3.

This is Casper. He is a Cocker Spaniel mix, rescued dog. He’s a little hyper. He’s lovable and protective. He likes all the attention he can get. He was 2 when we got him, he’s now 7.

This is Nanook. Black Lab/Collie mix. She’s named after the dog on the movie “The Lost Boys”. It was my daughters favorite movie. We’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old. She’s an old girl, now 14. She’s extremely mild mannered, very independent and likes to be brushed.

This is Hunni. Named for the color of her muzzle. Or Devil Dog. Miniature Dashaund. She is extremely hyper. She drives us crazy giving kisses. Her tongue only stops long enough to get a drink of water, to rehydrate and start kissing all over again. We’ve had her since she was 4 months old, she’s now 3. She’s an “in your face” kinda dog. (giving kisses)

In case your wondering, we keep the dogs in this room when we are gone. This is an old door with the corner missing. It’s so cute when she sticks her head through and looks at you. She’s the only one small enough to stick her head through. (Or the only one brave enough to try)

Here they are all together. Sorry, about the darkness of the picture. It was late when I captured this photo. I have to get them when they’re available. Do you know how hard it is to get them to pose, all at one time?

I can’t imagine not having a dog in my life.

Peaches and Audacious are grown with children of their own. Boo is growing into a young man and doesn’t want Mom loving on him anymore. You know how they get. (Aww, Mom, not in front of anyone!)

It’s one of the sadest parts of being a Mom. We love them and want them to grow up into well rounded respectible young adults.

But, there comes times when we miss cuddling up and taking naps with them.

Or giving butterfly kisses.

But I’ve always got my dogs. They don’t grow out of hugs and kisses. And they’re always eager to give them back.

Who do you have to give kisses to?

6 comments on “Canine Critters

  1. So far-my girls are still extremely loving and still enjoy cuddling, hugging and kissing.

    Now all you need is to babysit Ruby Sue for me-she would add a lot to the mix-a lot of barking!! Your dogs are all sweet. Especially Hunni!

  2. Your dogs are so cute! I’m a dog lover too. I used to have a mini dach and he was the sweetest dog I’ve ever had, I still miss him and it’s been like 7 years since he died.

  3. Darn I want a dog. But my husband wants us to wait a while since we travel a good bit. We lost our cat recently to diabetes and I’m really missing having a pet. Your dogs are just precious. Blessings, marlene

  4. That picture of Hunni is so funny! I couldn’t quite figure it out until I read your explanation. I love the one of all the dogs together also. I have a heck of a time just getting a good picture of our two, Blackie and Muffin. They are both 14 year old lab crosses. Senior Citizens now!

  5. awww… adorable! Thanks for introducing the rest of the family! Have you been watching that show on CBS on Thursday nights where they have those people living in a house with their dogs? It’s pretty good, I usually don’t like those reality shows, but I love this one because I get to watch all those smart doggies (and not so smart owners..)

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