A Stubborn Greeting

One morning last week on my way out of the driveway this is what greeted me…

A stubborn rabbit.

I stopped to watch it.

As I drove along the driveway, it wouldn’t move.

 Was it scared? Or did it think I wouldn’t see it if it didn’t move?

I kept creeping up on it.

Until finally I couldn’t see it anymore. I just kept inching up until it finally ran.

But it didn’t go far.

It thought it was hiding.


And a mourning dove… it was further away. And as soon as the rabbit ran, it flew.

I love greetings like this, first thing in the morning. It kinda gets my day going in the right direction when I see God’s creatures going about their day. Getting things done before the sun rises full in the sky.

What gets your day going in the right direction? Coffee? Newspaper? Listening to the birds?

Reading Twisted Fencepost?

Thank you!