What Makes Me Smile, part VIII

My favorite dessert.

Strawberry shortcake makes me smile.

Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so it makes sense for strawberry shortcake to be my favorite dessert.

And the fresher the strawberries the better the dessert. I can’t wait for spring each year for many different reasons, but one of the main reasons is …


 And when we go, we come back with a bunch. Not to mention the ones we ate while no one was looking.

This spring was especially fun strawberry picking. Cause I just started my site and I could take pictures and blog about it. You can read about it here and don’t forget the rest of the story, here. I promise, it’ll make you smile.

I really pulled one over on that Supervisor Man. Heh, heh!

I hope he doesn’t see this, cause next year he won’t let me outta his sight! I’ll have to remember to stop for ice cream on the way.

Most people buy those premade strawberry shortcake cakes.

I prefer to use pound cake instead. It doesn’t get soggy as fast. So you’ve really got something to sink your teeth into. And savor the deliciously sweet taste of the strawberries a little longer.

My Mom used to make homemade poundcake to go with the strawberries. I miss her poundcake, it was so much better than the store bought.

I’ve tried to make my own poundcake. It kept falling apart. Too dry, I guess. I got discouraged and gave up. Eventually, I’ll try my hand at poundcake making again.

But until then, I’ve got the store bought subsitute to rely on.

So, how about you…

What’s your favorite dessert?


What’s making you smile right now?