Warm and Fuzzy

Sometimes, when our schedule allows, we like to crew for Eagles Wings Hot Air Balloon Company.

We always have a lot of fun. As do the people who get to take a ride on the balloon.

Watching the excitement of the children, young and old alike, is priceless.

We have been to one hot air balloon rally, so far. We plan to go to others as time and schedules allow.

I like to take pictures of the balloon before, during and after the set up. And then I like to try to get that perfect picture of the balloon in the air.

Here, we were at a tethered balloon event at a church in Charlotte, NC.

The helpers have to hold the balloon down as people get in and out of the basket. If not, the balloon rises as the basket gets lighter. This is The Captain holding down the balloon as the pilot waits for people to board.

I loved how the reflection of the balloon is in the windows of the church.

It was a hot, hazy day, as you can tell in the pictures.

While we were beginning to set up we noticed a bird on the ground near us and went to investigate.

As we drew closer to the bird, she didn’t fly off.

She actually acted as if something were wrong. Maybe an injured wing or something to that nature.

But we quickly realized that she was leading us away from her nest.

She is a bird called a Kildeer. They lay their eggs on the ground.

Knowing there would be a lot of people walking around this area, the balloon pilot found some orange cones and marked off the area where the eggs were. Then she flew away. I’m not sure if it was because of the sound of the propane burner noise or the fact that she felt her eggs were safe with the cones surrounding them.

Thankfully, the eggs survived all the activity around them.

After everyone had left, and the balloon was packed up, we removed the cones.

As we were leaving, we noticed the bird back at her nest, checking on her unhatched babies.

 Looking out for God’s creations kinda gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.