Cold Tuna Noodle Salad

My Mother-in-Law gave me this recipe. It’s one she prepared for her, always hungry, growing boys.

Now we make it on a regular basis. Not weekly, but often.

Our favorite time to make it is when we go camping. I like to prepare it at home and put it in the camper fridge to be ready when we get to our destination.

With all the driving and set up when we get there, we don’t want to spend the rest of our day cooking, we want to go straight to vacationing! If this is already prepared, we can grab the paper plates and the plasticware and have a satisfying meal with little clean up. Then we are free to check out the campgrounds.

Here’s what you need…

Oh yeah, almost forgot one of the main ingredients…

After cooking the noodles and eggs, I set them aside to cool.

Then I start dicing the sweet gherkins. I could use pickle relish, but it don’t taste the same.

I put them in a large bowl and add about half the pickle juice.

Then I add the tuna and mix it up.

I hate peeling boiled eggs, especially if I have a lot of peeling to do, like in this recipe. I bought one of those gadgets that you put the egg in and hit the top of it and the peeled egg shoots out of the bottom.

Don’t waste your money! They don’t work!

I think they were even refunding everyone’s money. I couldn’t find my receipt. Figures!

Does anyone else hate peeling boiled eggs as much as I do?

Can I get a Amen?

Then I dice the eggs. I take the easy way out cause of all that peeling I so much despise to do. I use an egg slicer. I slice one way, then turn the egg and slice the other way.

And just drop them in the bowl with the tuna and gherkins. And mix them up.

Then I add the noodles and salad dressing. Making sure everything is cool before adding the salad dressing.

Mix it up.

Put it in an air tight container.


It’s better if it sits for a few hours to let all the flavors combine.

We always eat potato chips with it. I guess you could eat crackers or something like that. But it’s better with the salty chips. Sounds like a good excuse to get to eat potato chips to me.



1 large box  seashell noodles, cooked, drained and cooled

2 large cans of tuna

1 dozen eggs, boiled, peeled and cooled

1 small jar sweet gherkin pickles, dice pickles and save juice

Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, just add to your creamiest satisfaction

Mix all ingredients, including about half the pickle juice, and store in an airtight container. Chill.

This is best served cold and with potato chips.

11 comments on “Cold Tuna Noodle Salad

  1. This sounds yummy-thanks! Will have to try it soon!

    Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, might have been through Pioneer Woman, but I’ll stick around!

  2. The Deer Hunter loves any type of pasta salad. I’ll have to try this one for him. He always says things are better the second day-because they have time to marry.

  3. Not sure if you are still reading comments on this, but here goes:

    First, let me say – Fabulous Recipe! Thank you!

    Next, here are a few quick tips for peeling those eggs:
    – Buy your eggs a couple of weeks ahead of time;
    – Don’t store your eggs in the door of the refrigerator;
    – Use your oldest eggs for hard-cooking.

    The fresher the egg is when you cook it, the harder it is to peel. Your eggs will stay good for weeks past the date on the carton. Never store them in the door – the movement and temperature fluctuations cause the eggs to go bad faster.

    Tap a hard cooked egg on all sides on the counter to begin cracking. Then hold the egg in both hands, and make a circular motion (similar to hand washing) while gently smooshing the egg between your palms. Start the peeling at the larger end of the egg (where the air pocket is). It should all come right off! We do about 4 dozen eggs for deviled eggs each Easter, and I can usually have them all done in about 20-25 minutes.

  4. Becky, that looks yummy. But, I would think that would add up to a lot of Weight Watcher’s points…..I could use whole wheat noodles and fat free Miracle Whip…..that may cut down on some points. I do give you credit for being a very organized camper……I’d love to go camping.

  5. If you put some vinegar in the water in which you boil your eggs, the shells will partially disintegrate and be much easier to peel.

  6. I JUST saw on pinterest, that if you put baking soda in the water while you’re boiling the eggs, it makes peeling much easier! Haven’t tried it yet but will try it next time!

  7. I have been doing almost the same recipe for years but with less eggs and more veggies. I add celery and onions and some pickle juice. One of our favorites.

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