What Makes Me Smile, part VI

My Family!

My family makes me smile!


The Captain


These are my children.










General D belongs to Peaches.


Daisy belongs to Peaches.


Skeeter belongs to Peaches.



Flutter belongs to Audacious.


Lady Bug belongs to Audacious.


Bubbles belongs to Audacious.


Tater belongs to Audacious.


My family makes me smile.

The Captain is our team leader. I am the Co-Captain.

We are a team family. Always there for whatever is needed!

Whatever is going on, we pull together like a team and handle any and all tasks at hand.

They’ve always got something going on they’ve got to tell me about.
Work issues, family issues, first words, first teeth, good grades, and the list goes on.

Sometimes they call and sometimes they just show up at the door.

To cry on my shoulder. And that’s okay.

But don’t get upset if I cry with you.:cry:

Somehow Mom or Dad can point out that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

They may call in the middle of a conflict, just to vent. 😡 That’s okay, too.

I try to be fair when listening to their side of the story and remember there is always two sides. And like my Dad, I try to also help them see the other side.

Sometimes they’re sharing exciting news. Like a job promotion or a first step.

I never know from one day to the next what the next phone call will be.

But I guarantee as soon as I hear the voice of one of my beloved family, it will put a smile on my face!:)

My mother was blind for the last few years of her life. When we came into the room, we spoke, so she would know who was with her. And once she recognized our voice it put a big smile on her face. That is one of my favorite memories of my mother.

And I hope my smile will be a favorite memory for my family.


Your turn!

So, tell me, what’s making you smile this week?


3 comments on “What Makes Me Smile, part VI

  1. My family makes me smile. I was trying to email you a pic, but once again the computer was acting up! Also, making skeeter laugh histarically! He will laugh and I will laugh because he is laughing, then he laughs even harder! Soo funny!

  2. Now you come from some good looking folks! Such beautiful and handsome kids and grandkids and in-laws you have. A family like that should make you smile till your jaw gives out!

    Today being at Papaws and Nannas makes me smile.

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