What Is That Buzzing Sound?

Sometimes things just don’t work out like you would like them to. Good things sometimes come with consequences.

And my consequences was giving up a job that I loved and leaving people that I loved.

We had purchased and moved to our farm and the drive was taking its toll on me and my family.

After falling asleep at the wheel doing 70 mph on the highway and luckily waking before it was TOO late.

I reluctantly made the decision to find a job closer to home.

I dreaded telling them I was leaving. I knew I was gonna miss them and the job terribly. But I didn’t want to wind up splattered all over the highway..

On my last day…

In the late afternoon, I was called to an office for who knows what.

Upon entering, I was met by 4 people, each holding a can of silly string.

They blocked the door. They filled my pockets and covered me from head to toe. By the time I fought my way out of that office, not until they ran out of silly string,  I looked like cousin “It” from the Adams Family, except in psychadellic colors. And I think everybody in the place was waiting outside the door. I don’t think anyone got pictures. I wish they had, cause I would have liked to see me from their point of view. I’ll bet I was a sight.

By quitting time it was cold and wet. But that didn’t stop them from rolling my car with toilet tissue. Not just up and over, but under and over.

Not only did they roll my car, they wetted it down.

They stuffed every opening they could get to with toilet tissue. The wheels, gas door…

And put baby powder all over my winshield.

I took off what I could before leaving. What they wetted down was frozen to the car and I couldn’t get it off.

I’ll bet my car was a sight going down the highway.

While driving, I kept hearing this buzzing noise. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. And I stopped twice and looked. The tires all looked fine. The guages were reading fine. The trunk lid and hood were both secure.

I decided to keep driving until something fell off. Whatever it was.

Upon arriving home, I realized that some of the toilet tissue that was frozen had loosened and was flapping in the 70 mph wind going down the highway, causing the buzzing sound.

They had a good laugh at my expense. But, I don’t know who was laughing harder, them or me.

I had to laugh!

It kept me from crying. Because I knew, from all of this, that they were gonna miss me too!

It was a week later when I found the tissue in the gas lid.

Made me laugh and cry all over again.

That was over 10 years ago.

I still miss them!