Poke Store?

A few years ago, some friends I worked with were getting ready for a girls weekend at the beach.

While discussing the different places they wanted to go, while there, and what supplies they would need, while there, one of them stated she would stop at the Red Dot Store.

What the heck is a Red Dot Store?

What sort of supplies do you get at a Red Dot Store?

Red Dots?

For what?

Being from West Virginia, I had never heard of that store. Didn’t have them where I came from.

They giggled a little and explained that’s what they call the Liquor Store, here.


Then I started noticing all the little stores with the big red dots. Silly me. I should have known. I never even noticed the big red dots on the little stores before this.

Where I came from it was called the Liquor Store or the ABC Store. And they didn’t have big red dots on the buildings. They usually had a lot of big windows. No place to paint the big red dots.

Of course, my Dad, being the country boy that he was, called it the Poke Store.

Poke, being a small paper bag.

And what do you get when you purchase something from the Poke Store?

A “poke” to put it in.

What do you call an ABC Store, Red Dot Store, Liquor Store or Poke Store?

I’ve heard Wal-Mart, called Walmarts, Wally World or Walmartz.

McDonald’s called Mickey D’s.

And if someone asked me where I got something in particular.

 I answered, “At the ______ gettin’ store.”

Which was usually followed with the reply, “Smart *&!, where did you get it?”

Isn’t it funny how things or places get nicknames?

Do you or someone you know have a different name for an everyday store or place of business?



5 comments on “Poke Store?

  1. We call it the Liquor Store too – in North Carolina they’re Package Stores though.

    Of course, there’s always Tar-jay! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know what a red dot store was either-until The Deer Hunter explained. They have them down around deer camp. I can’t think of anything other than Mickey Ds and Wally World. I probably will the moment I submit this!

  3. I have lived in SC all my life and was always told that liquor stores had red dots and were called red dots because they could stay open only from sunrise to sunset. The red dot represents the sun

  4. In Pennsylvania, we called the liquor store the “state” store…because the state controlls all liquor and wine sales.

  5. My grandmother use to say,” do you want to go get a “poke” at the store?” and that ment we were getting a small brown bag of penny candy from the corner store.

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