What’s He Hiding?

When we were in the market to buy a farm several years ago and we were working with a local realtor.

We looked at several farms around this local area. Trying to get as far from civilization as possible without making our drives to work in the big city too long.

One was on a hillside. No way to drive to it. You had to park on the side of the road and walk across and down to the land. Nothing flat. We planned on building houses and barns. Just didn’t make sense.

It wouldn’t work for what we needed it for.

Then we looked at a farm with rolling hills and a pond just over one hill. Now that was more like it. I grew up in WV and sometimes I miss the mountains. Those rolling hills would atleast give me some feel of home. It had a small house and several outbuildings. I love rolling hills. I like to watch the critters coming into sight just over a hill.

They wanted too much money.

Next, we came to a 20 acre farm. Complete flat land. About half cleared, since the fields used to be planted in cotton years ago. But the family had aged and moved away. No one looked after the farm anymore. No one planted it anymore. Only hunters came and went.

We met with the realtor early that Saturday morning and drove to the farm. Someone in her church had told her about this land being for sale. So he led us to the farm for inspection.

While we were there walking and discussing, the neighbor from the farm next door came over. Asked who we were, why were there and informed us we were trespassing.:shock:

I, being the nice person that I am, was taken aback at such rudeness. How can you be so callous to a complete stranger?

Was he the land owner? No!

Was he the caretaker of the land? No!

Did he lease this land and plant cotton or soybean on it? No!

Did he even know who owned this land? No!

Why did he care? What difference did it make to him if we were there? 


Come to find out, he had 50 acres next to it, he was surrounded by the forest. Nothing and no one to bother him and his little family. And he liked it that way!

The asking price was extremely generous. So we started the process. A year and a half later it became our farm. You wouldn’t believe the hoops we had to jump through to make it ours. That’s another story!

So began our life on the farm in South Carolina.

Since then we have had several run ins with this neighbor, who by the way is a raving lunatic. There is a dirt road that leads from the main road to the land behind ours. On that land they plant cotton. Those fields are land locked. Meaning there is only one way to get to that land and that is through our and our neighbors land.

We own the first 200 feet of that dirt road and he owns the rest of it. Each time we decide to take a relaxing walk along this dirt road, he meets us somewhere and informs us we are trespassing.

I’m thinking, what does he have to hide? Why doesn’t he want us walking back there? Is he growing something “unusual”? Does he have his own little unmarked cemetery with all the people who have “trespassed” before us? It makes me want to investigate. And I love to snoop around in old barns and walk in the woods to see what I can find. I’m talking nature here, but I’m thinking I would find something not so natural.

I’m a tomboy at heart, but the female in me is very curious.

 It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you go walking. He will show up and inform you that your trespassing.

The little geeser.

Don’t he have a job to go to? Does he never sleep? Is there an alarm that lets him know there is someone walking on the dirt road?

He ain’t big as a minute. He has little man’s disease!

My oldest son is about his size. He thought he would push him around a little too. The Captain had to intervene. Again, that’s another story.

I don’t understand some people and I guess I’ll go to my grave not understanding.

I love people, all kinds of people. I like the comradare that I experienced in mid-America.

I like being around people who are an inspiration.

But this neighbor…an inspiration? I think not! I do not like to be around him. He makes me have mean thoughts. Things I’d like to do to him if he ever threatens one of my kids again!


I’d like to send some flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of him!

I’ll let you know if I ever get back there and find out what it is that he’s hiding.

Do you have a neighbor you can’t get along with?