My Visit to Mid-America, part II

Not too long ago, my family visited The Captain’s hometown in the midwest.

Since I had never been to a zoo, everybody was looking forward to my country girl, sheltered self and all my excited reactions to the zoo.

I specifically, wanted to see a real live giraffe. I love those long neck, spotted, docile creatures. And I would have been extremely disappointed if I had not been able to take a gander at them in their semi-natural habitat.

Along for this adventure was The Captain, Boo, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, neice, nephew, Grandmother-in-law, and Uncle-in-law, and myself. The zoo we visited was the St. Louis Zoo. And I hear it one of the best. So I was extremely excited about this part of our trip to mid-America.

We met at opening time and we walked around that zoo till closing time. Still didn’t get to see it all. But one of the things we missed really didn’t interest me all that much. Snakes. I don’t have even a mild interest in snakes.

I’ll show you a few of the things we were so fortunate to gaze upon.



We also, sat and watched a trained sea lion show. I love those wet blubbery creatures. They look so cute and cuddly. I know they can be really mean. So I keep my distance. But they’re still cute!

And well trained….

Jumping out of the water to ring the bell. Awesome!

Are you ready!…

for the grand finale…

the main attraction?

Atleast, to me it is!

Behold…the GIRAFFES!!!!!

What do ya think they’re discussing?

Not only did I get to gaze upon their graceful beauty.

I got to hand feed them leaves from the nearby trees. Have you ever seen a giraffe’s tongue? I had no idea when it stuck it’s tongue out to get that leaf that it would travel all the way to my elbow. Wow, not only did I get to see one, and feed one, I got slobbered on by one. How cool is that?

My neice didn’t share in that excitement. I believe her exact words were, “Ooo, yuck!” While wiping the giraffe drool on her pant leg.

It’s just all those other people. They wouldn’t get outta my way. And let me spend some one on one time with the giraffe. You’d think they never saw a giraffe before….

Isn’t that adorable?

I have a thing for critter noses! Chins, too. I know I’m a little strange. 


That’s what makes me special. Right?

And so ends our day at the St. Louis Zoo. And I was not disappointed.

Neither were the others who were with me.

Not just because of the zoo. They’ve all been there before. Except for Boo. But he’s been to a zoo near our home and it wasn’t as big a deal to him.

They were more than a little amused because of this sheltered country girls uncontrolled excitement.

It was the first time I have met The Captain’s Uncle. I’m not too sure what his thoughts were.

At times, I may have made him a little uncomfortable with all my excitement.

I’m afraid he may not want to meet me again. Atleast not while there’s a giraffe around.

Hey Uncle, if your reading this, I’ll try to hold my composure at little better next time.

I promise, I’ll try!

Just don’t bring a giraffe with you!:mrgreen: