Makes Me Smile, part V

Clothes drying on the clothes line outside.

I love seeing them hanging around out there in the sun.

Reminds me of days gone by.

Good memories!

Memories of long passed loved ones.

Grandma hanging out the daily wash with the angelic glow around her from the sun shining down.

Running out, at the threat of a summer shower, to get all the clothes off the line.

Memories of playing badmitten over the clothes line cause we didn’t have a net.

Memories of tents made with sheets hanging over the clothes line.

The soothing sound of them flapping in the summer breeze.

I look forward to the first warm spring day, aside from the cooped up all winter long reasons. I look forward to hanging my bed clothes…bed linens…sheets and quilts, whatever you call them, out on the clothes line. And I can’t wait till bedtime.

What really brings on the smiles, after showering, is climbing in bed after a long hard day.

My family knows better than to get into a nice clean bed without showering. I will commit three different kinds of terror on them! ūüėą Especially, if it’s the first spring wash.

Breathing deeply the smell of the, freshly laundered, hung out on the line, bedsheets and quilts, seems to make me fall off into slumberland quicker.

My dreams are nicer. No nightmares while sleeping with the smell of the great outdoors.

¬†I seem to sleep better, too. Could it be because I brought a little sunshine inside with those quilts? We all know, or we are learning, that sunshine is good for you. After all those years, of telling us to stay out of the sun. Now they’re saying we need hours of sunshine daily.

Well, us country people coulda told em’¬†that. But they wouldn’t have listened anyway.:roll:

So, what’s making you smile this week? I¬†wanna know!

You never know, you could make me look at something a little differently. And give me an extra smile.

And I, like you, can use all the smiles I can get. You know, they say laughter is the best medicine and a smile is the first stage of laughter.

So come on, hang your bed sheets and quilts out on the clothes line and¬†let’s get the laughter started!:wink: