Why do I start so many projects and not finish them?

Possibly, it’s due to lack of funds. Maybe we just got bored with it and moved on.

Or both.

I have sewing, crocheting, painting, cleaning, hammering, drilling, board cutting…the list goes on.

And on, and on….

At times, I decide I’m finishing what I started before starting another. Sometimes I actually do.

I’m not the only one on the farm with this problem.

We have an ATV that’s been broken down for several years. Last year, The Captain took the motor out of it to repair. It sat that way for over a year.

But, this winter, he finally got it all fixed up. And he rides it regularly.

It needs a new seat, though. We’ll get one, eventually. It’ll do for now.


I don’t have time. I’m too busy with all the things that keep me from completing MY unfinished projects.

Although, he will aggrivate the crap out of me with it while I’m trying to mow.

See him tailgating. Am I not mowing fast enough to suit him?

Look at that smile. Can’t ya tell he’s up to no good!

Sorry, Sweetie, drafting only works on the race track and not with riding lawn mowers.:roll:

That was the last time my behind sat on that mower. He’s been sitting on it since. That’ll teach him to tailgate me. Ha!

Then there’s the matter of the unfinished tractor. 

You can read about it here.

I guess the repair shop is too busy. Or maybe, they have too many unfinished projects of their own.

For now, it’s okay. I’m still trying to scrape up the money it’s gonna cost to get it back.:shock:

Here’s another of my unfinished projects…


I finally got it tilled. Planted 18 tomato plants, I have 6 left. No time to get out there and water it before I realized the plants were dying of dehydration.

I planted cucumbers, not one has came up.

I have one each of pumpkins and birdhouse gourds.


That’s all I’ve had time to plant and it’s either not coming up or dying. I’m really losing my motivation here.

Time to get things done is hard to come by and then it feels like I’ve spent all that time for nothing.

 How about you?

How many unfinished projects are waiting for you?

Or am I the only person in the world with this problem?

What makes me smile is coming soon!

Have your comments ready, cause with all this to do I could use some positive reinforcement!