My Visit to Mid-America, part I

Awhile ago, we made a trip to the midwest with The Captain’s parents.

To visit The Captains hometown. We disagreed about who came from a smaller town.

While my town had no traffic lights, it had old bridges and buildings, no big name discount stores and such.

 We did have a grocery store and a police force, small as it was. (think, Barney Fife)

His town didn’t. It had one main road that everyone used.

They had two schools…elementary and high school. They did have a fire department and ambulance service. Atleast, I think it was from his town. Although, it could have came from a neighboring town that’s not much bigger.

After visiting for several days, I came to the realization that he had won that battle. But his wins are few and far between. It’s no secret that you don’t argue with a woman, you will never win. Atleast that’s what I have him believing. Either he believes it, or he just humors me.

Who’s fooling who, I wonder?:roll:

He relishes in the victory. And rubs it in every chance he gets. See why women must always win.

I met his closest friends while growing up. They still live in the area. They’re married with children of their own.

The Captain had much catching up to do. He couldn’t help asking what happened to so-and-so? So, I heard a lot of gossip, good, bad and sad, about these people I’ll probably never meet.

I had a lot of “getting to know” to do. I love meeting new people. And these friends and adopted family did not let me down. We laughed together for hours.

I met his second momma. My 10 year old son was taller than her. Yeah, she’s vertically challenged, but she doesn’t know it. And judging from the stories I’ve heard, you would think she’s 9 feet tall. Me, even though I’m all grown up and taller, wouldn’t dare cross her. 😯

She has lots of personality, as does her husband. They were a lot of fun.

I’m told she used to drive the school bus for these unsuspecting adolescents. And let me tell you. I have no doubt she had them all well under control!

Don’t get her husband talking about mowing grass with the tractor at 5am, he’ll have you laughing so hard you may have to go change your clothes.  Life with him must keep you on your toes, cause the events he unravelled in our imagination, brought tears of laughter, to put it mildly.:lol:

On a Saturday, while we were there, the girls softball team was competing in the state championship.

 And it was obvious!

Along the main road into town people had written encouraging messages all over the windows of their homes.

They did win and I think it was the first time ever.

Go, Girls!

On the corner, where the only road leading into town begins, sits a convience store.

If I remember correctly, waiting in the parking lot of that convience store was an ambulance, a firetruck, a Sherriff’s car, probably family to one of the girls on the softball team, and more than a few personal vehicles.

Written all over the glass of those personal vehicles were more words of encouragement.

And our vehicle was among the entourage.

When the school buses carrying the girls softball team, coaches and many fellow students, including our all-star nephew, rolled up to that corner…

What greeted them was, sirens blaring, people cheering, lights flashing, horns honking and me crying.


Yes, I was crying.

Dang it!

I’m emotional that way. But don’t tell anybody, I don’t think they noticed.

There was a convoy travelling down the main road all the way to the elementary school gymnasium, where a party was waiting. Those girls were the stars of the day, probably still are. I haven’t heard if they have won since then. If not, they’ll always be known as the team that won the state championship.

My town is small. And the people take care of eachother. But I have never witnessed such true comradarie as I did that day.

Small town America.

The way it used to be, everywhere.

The way I wish it still was.

Of all the people I met on this trip, I did not meet anyone I did not immediately want to be my new best friend. I left there with my faith renewed in the human race and a love for that small town in mid-America.

And if any of you ever read this…

I’m coming back one day.


Just warning ya.