Meanwhile, Back on the Farm……

The Captain’s parents are off in the midwest somewhere visiting friends and relatives.

Meahwhile, back at the farm…

The Captain and Boo, are keeping up the outside chores and I am recuperating from last week and walking around taking pictures so Mom and Dad don’t miss a thing while they’re gone.

Were these blooming when you left?

Or this?

The bunny says he’s standing guard.

The ladybug says she’s waiting…

in the shade of a daisy.

Would you look at those blackberries!!!

And the size…

Now you know, just because your gone those blackberries won’t go uneaten!

They’ll probably be stolen.

Not by a bird.

But by the “Blackberry Ham”!


So anyway, Ms. Bird says, “Exactly, when is it your coming home?”

And Mr. Frog says, “He’ll leave the light on for ya!”

Have fun, tell everyone Hello and see ya soon.:mrgreen: