Picking Up My Bow

On Saturday before Memorial Day we went to a Hot Air Balloon Ralley in Simpsonville, SC.

I had to work on Memorial Day, while everyone else, including The Captain and Boo, was partying, boating, cooking out or just plain being lazy.

Not fair!

On the way home I had to stop and get fuel for my truck, feed for the horses (even they were closed), and stop at Walmartz for groceries and such. My day was shot before it started.

And then…

I guess at my stop off at Walmartz, I picked up a bug from one of those buggies.

The next day, I was sick. I left work early, came home and went to bed.

This was where I stayed for 3 days…

This is what I stared at for 3 days…


And this…

The view from the back side of my eyelids.

I stared at the eyelids more than anything.

I could have been enjoying my favorite magazines…

Or a new book…

Instead, I stared at the back side of my eyelids and felt like I soon would be pushing up daisies.

This was my diet for 3 days…


And the waste basket beside my bed is full.


Yeah, I recycle the plastic grocery bags.

But I’m on my way to recovery. Not fit as a fiddle yet, but I’m picking up my bow!

It’s a good thing, cause my waste basket runneth over.

It’s a good thing The Captain is here to take care of the kid, the horses, the house and all that goes with.

Including me! Not a baby when I’m sick, but I did relish in the tender loving care!

I like this view of the daisies much better!!!!