What Makes Me Smile, part VIII

My favorite dessert.

Strawberry shortcake makes me smile.

Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so it makes sense for strawberry shortcake to be my favorite dessert.

And the fresher the strawberries the better the dessert. I can’t wait for spring each year for many different reasons, but one of the main reasons is …


 And when we go, we come back with a bunch. Not to mention the ones we ate while no one was looking.

This spring was especially fun strawberry picking. Cause I just started my site and I could take pictures and blog about it. You can read about it here and don’t forget the rest of the story, here. I promise, it’ll make you smile.

I really pulled one over on that Supervisor Man. Heh, heh!

I hope he doesn’t see this, cause next year he won’t let me outta his sight! I’ll have to remember to stop for ice cream on the way.

Most people buy those premade strawberry shortcake cakes.

I prefer to use pound cake instead. It doesn’t get soggy as fast. So you’ve really got something to sink your teeth into. And savor the deliciously sweet taste of the strawberries a little longer.

My Mom used to make homemade poundcake to go with the strawberries. I miss her poundcake, it was so much better than the store bought.

I’ve tried to make my own poundcake. It kept falling apart. Too dry, I guess. I got discouraged and gave up. Eventually, I’ll try my hand at poundcake making again.

But until then, I’ve got the store bought subsitute to rely on.

So, how about you…

What’s your favorite dessert?


What’s making you smile right now?


Warm and Fuzzy

Sometimes, when our schedule allows, we like to crew for Eagles Wings Hot Air Balloon Company.

We always have a lot of fun. As do the people who get to take a ride on the balloon.

Watching the excitement of the children, young and old alike, is priceless.

We have been to one hot air balloon rally, so far. We plan to go to others as time and schedules allow.

I like to take pictures of the balloon before, during and after the set up. And then I like to try to get that perfect picture of the balloon in the air.

Here, we were at a tethered balloon event at a church in Charlotte, NC.

The helpers have to hold the balloon down as people get in and out of the basket. If not, the balloon rises as the basket gets lighter. This is The Captain holding down the balloon as the pilot waits for people to board.

I loved how the reflection of the balloon is in the windows of the church.

It was a hot, hazy day, as you can tell in the pictures.

While we were beginning to set up we noticed a bird on the ground near us and went to investigate.

As we drew closer to the bird, she didn’t fly off.

She actually acted as if something were wrong. Maybe an injured wing or something to that nature.

But we quickly realized that she was leading us away from her nest.

She is a bird called a Kildeer. They lay their eggs on the ground.

Knowing there would be a lot of people walking around this area, the balloon pilot found some orange cones and marked off the area where the eggs were. Then she flew away. I’m not sure if it was because of the sound of the propane burner noise or the fact that she felt her eggs were safe with the cones surrounding them.

Thankfully, the eggs survived all the activity around them.

After everyone had left, and the balloon was packed up, we removed the cones.

As we were leaving, we noticed the bird back at her nest, checking on her unhatched babies.

 Looking out for God’s creations kinda gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Boats, Bikinis and a Hero

A couple of summers ago, we spent a long weekend at Lake Wateree State Park, in Lake Wateree, South Carolina.

Our plans were to…

 grill, eat, boat, tube, fish, bike, take the boat a little further down the lake to watch the fire works show on July 4th and just plain relax.

Everything was going as planned. We spent most of the time on/in the water just trying to stay cool. It was extremely hot and no breeze to speak of.

On the afternoon of the 4th we took the boat out to pull the kids around on the tube, and any adult who might have wanted to get a little wet.

After about a half hour on the boat, the boat quit. Just cut off. For no apparent reason. And it wouldn’t restart. The guys decided to let it sit awhile and try again.

Did I mention it was hot?

Everyone on the boat, except me, decided to jump in the lake. All eight of them.

We have a big boat. It’s a Suntracker Party Barge Pontoon boat. Holds 15 people.

Anyway, after about an hour of bobbing around in the lake, the guys decided to try starting the boat again.

Still wouldn’t start. They tried several repairs. Still no luck.

Shouting distance away there was a little yellow jet boat that had been floating around near a dock. They trolled over, and asked if we needed some help. After a short discussion, they decided to tow us back to the campground.


It didn’t take long to decide that it was too far for the little boat to tow the big boat. Just so happens there was a boat slip coming up.

I don’t know who’s decision this was, but the guys decided that we should anchor the boat near the slip and one of the guys would get into the jet boat and ride to the campground, get the truck and drive to the boat slip. Where we could load the boat on the boat trailer and drive back to the campground. So as not to put too much strain on the little jet boat by towing the big boat.

Again, I don’t know who decided that The Captain should be the one who rode on the jet boat. But he was the one who had to endure the ride to the campground on the little yellow jet boat, while leaving the other eight behind to wait.

Did I mention that on that little yellow jet boat was three college age, bikini clad, girls? And a college age boy?

Did I mention that The Captain was the one who boarded the little yellow jet boat?

Did I mention that I had to stay behind on the big boat?

A sad feeling came over me as I watched my husband ride out of sight on the little yellow piece of junk jet boat with the three, half naked, tramps nice young girls.

It seemed like hours going by as I and the other seven on the boat waited.

While waiting, I had to endure comments like, “He’s been gone a long time, hasn’t he?” and “I wonder what’s taking him so long?” and “I didn’t think the campground was THAT far!” All of the questions directed at me.

When he finally arrived with the truck and trailer, I have to admit, I was more than a little perturbed! I hid it well, my main concern was to get the four whiney brats children back to the campground where they could do something other than complain about how hungry and hot they were.

At the boat slip where we were anchored, they also had gas pumps at the docks for the boats in the water. There was gas in the water and I wasn’t about to let anyone get off the boat into that nasty water. Not to mention the boat traffic coming and going.

It was then that I decided that no one would leave the boat, for any reason. If we are broke down. We’ll stay broke down until someone finds “US” and tows “US” back. And if no one finds us, we will die on that boat! Never again will I watch my husband ride off into the sunset with three bikini clad tramps girls!

The Captain saved the day!


Next time, The Captain stays with the boat!