The Rest of the Story

I told you about going strawberry picking Saturday.

Now I’ll tell you the rest of the story….

So, we started picking strawberries.

And after awhile your mouth starts watering. You just can’t resist the sweet smell.

I, being the adult and totally in control of my temptations, resisted and kept picking.

Until I could not withstand the temptation any longer.

I carefully removed the stem, looked around, and….


Darnit, the field supervisor was looking straight at me.

I put it into my basket and I picked…

Until I began to feel the craving again. No matter how hard my adult person tried, the child in me kept thinking of how red, plump, juicy and aromatically, ripened to perfection these berries were.

Again, I found the perfect ripe strawberry, removed its stem, looked around, and….


You would think that with all those people picking strawberries he would find someone else to watch.


It was like he was reading my mind. He has been guarding this field for a long time. I wondered if he knew just how long a person can resist the aromatic scent of these sinfully delicious strawberries.

Had he been timing me?

Or was he just watching me cause I’m cute? As much as I’d like to think it was the latter, I honestly don’t think that was it.

I carefully placed it in my basket and I picked….but I kept my eye on that supervisor man until I saw this…

And it was on!

The first strawberry I came to, went straight into my mouth, stem and all. Let me tell you, my eyes closed, my taste buds stood at attention, my knees buckled and for a second I felt as if I had left the ground. It was pure heaven!

That’s right Mr. Supervisor man, walk away.

Walk away and eat your ice cream.

Ice cream!!!!

Where did he get that?

This is a strawberry field, not an ice cream stand. There are no freezers or coolers.

Ah hah, someone had to bribe him. They brought him an ice cream so he would look away.

Oh, yeah, and I’m gonna take full advantage of that! I ate another one and I dared him to look at me!

Go ahead, tell on me!

And I will tell how someone bribed you with ice cream to get you to turn your back! 

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Keep walking Mr. Supervisor man.

And I’ll keep picking.

 And I did. We picked 5 gallons of strawberries. And next week I think I’ll go back and pick more.

Maybe, I’ll stop and get some ice cream…..

Oh, and in case your wondering. I did spit out the stem.