The Strawberries Are Ready!

I “WAS” going strawberry picking last Monday, until I called to get their hours and prices. That’s when they informed me they were only open for U-pick on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Darnit! Messed up my whole day.

I was off work and had the whole day planned. But, that, threw a monkey wrench in it. I had to rethink and replan. It took me several days to complete what I had planned to do in one day. Maybe that is God’s way of telling me I wasn’t gonna get it all done anyway.

 Oh well!

Yesterday, we went strawberry picking at our local strawberry, peach, apricot….farm.


Listed on the sign are the other things they grow and the dates when they’ll be ripe. I took this picture for you to see where we get our berries. But then I realized I needed it to keep me informed of when I need to go back for peach and other fruits and veggies.

You can buy them already picked at this little roadside store.

We prefer to pick our own.

First of all it’s cheaper.

Second, we enjoy getting out in the sunshine and hunting down and picking the perfect berries.

This farm has been here a long time. Here is one of their original signs…

The drought last year, the one we are still semi in, really hurt the strawberry fields. The field we went to last year isn’t even there this year. And this one is missing a lot of plants….

Don’t these look delicious?

I know that geese are vegetarians, but I don’t know if they eat strawberries or not. But these two looked as if they were patiently awaiting their turn…

We weren’t the only people who have been impatiently awaiting the ripening of the strawberries. People came and went, children chattered and the geese waited.

Here is Boo finding and picking the perfect berry.


They are more than a mouthful. The berries you get from the grocery store, are a pop in your mouth size. These are 2 or 3 bites each. That’s unless you have a big mouth, but we’ll not talk about that. Even if you could stuff the whole thing in there, you can’t enjoy it as much. Take a bite and savor the sweet, full of flavor strawberry. Then you get to do it again. Yummmmmm!

Here’s Boo again. What is he doing? Surely, he’s not thinking about….


Oh, yes he did! Ha! Busted by the camera lens! What fun!

He was trying to hide it. He hates getting his picture taken and if he had known my camera was watching him he probably would have changed his mind. Or atleast made sure he was keeping an eye on the camera, to see if it was watching him.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story!