I Did It, I Finally Tilled My Garden!

Remember me telling you it’s gardening time?  And I was going to till my garden?

I did it.

 I tilled my garden. I love this tiller. Yep, it’s a Troybilt. Best one ever made!

Seriously, if you don’t have a big farm tractor to plow for you or if you don’t have an area big enough to warrant having a big tractor to plow for you. This is the next best thing. I can turn over any kind of dirt with this. You may have to wet it down good first but it will plow it for you.

I waited a little too long after the rain and the ground dried up too much. But I still tilled it up. You may have to fight with it a little. Hold it back and force it to till. But it will get the job done. I have the strength to hold it back, I just don’t have the stamina to hold it there very long. I had to hold it back quite a bit because I let the ground get too dry. Thank the Good Lord no one was around to take pictures. Cause it gets away from me from time to time. One time it drug me about 8 feet before I could get it stopped. Whoever invented the quick release handles that shut down the transmission must have been drug around a time or two.

One of the things I hate about the south are those dadgum RED ANTS! I hate those pesky ankle biting little nusances.


I know everything on earth has a purpose. But I don’t understand what their purpose is and when I get to Heaven, that will be one of my first questions.

Can’t see them? Maybe you can see them here.


That’s right, you little ankle biting nusances, run for your life! Because the red cyclone of death and destruction is coming! And it has no mercy! HA, take that!

Still can’t? How about here.


Well, they’re there, I promise you. I have little red welts on my ankles to prove it. Click on it to make it bigger maybe you can see them.

Look what else I found around my garden area….

My first strawberries of the year. I had six plants but those darn pesky red ants over took some of them and killed them. There is one little ripe strawberry off to the right. I will save that for Boo, I always give him the first strawberry of the year.

And my favorite flower, the daisy. They are all over the place here. I just walk around smiling cause of all the daisies.

And look at this one. Awww, I think he’s shy. Come on, little fellow, come on out and let me see your pretty face.

The tiller is resting now. Waiting for the fertilizer to be spread.

And that is where I am going. I think I’ll rest in my hammock swing. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get side tracked on the way!