Tiller Chasin’ and Tea Stirring

It’s gardening time.
I’ve got my seeds.

I’ve got my tomato plants.

And my new gardening gloves.

I have to buy new gloves every year cause they can’t stand up to this seasoned contry girl punishment.

My tiller is ready to till.


This year I’m thinking of enlarging my garden. I used to plant a large garden and plant everything I could. I had several bad years in a  row, and lost heart for it. But I’m gradually getting back in the swing of things. Thanks to a few tips from my Dad and little help from the one above.
Last year wasn’t too bad. I’m hoping this year will be even better.
Getting the garden ready is some serious stuff around here.
You don’t just till the ground and plant it. The ground here is called black jack. I can’t tell you the exact definition of black jack. But I can tell you what I experience every time I get ready to till.
Black jack is basically dried out clay. There is no topsoil. No drainage. No nutrients. Nothing.
The old timers will tell you the only thing that it’s good for is growing cotton. Oh yeah! I agree! The ground dries up so bad in the summer you can stick your fingers in the cracks. Who knows how deep those cracks go. But when it rains. The ground don’t soak it up, it disappears down the cracks.
In order to till it, you have to wait for a good steady rain. Or put a water hose on it for a few hours.

Oh, you can try to till it.

But you better be hanging on to your hat. Cause that tiller will walk you across the land like trying to hang onto a spooked horse.
My family likes to watch me till my garden. And by the way, yes, I, till the garden. Not The Captain. Me, the seasoned country girl!
It’s my garden and darnit if I want to be drug across the land by an out of control tiller, I will!

They always stand back and wait for that dang tiller to take off with me, cause you know it will, and it will drag me several feet before I can grab it by the ear and make it stop. And do you think they would drop what they are doing and run to help me? NOT! They are too busy laughing. But that’s okay, because being the seasoned country girl that I am, I refuse to let it win! I will prevail! I am in control! Not some piece of metal with a mind of its own.

Sometimes I would swear the horses are laughing, too. The dirty overgrown mangy ponies! Ha!:P

Once I finish chasing the tiller around and around the garden area, I add fertilizer, sand, lime and composted horse manure from our farm.
I add the sand for aeration.
The fertilizer, lime and horse manure is added for obvious reasons.
The manure must be composted or it will be too strong and burn up the tender plants.
Once that is spread over the tilled garden area. I till it again and mix it all in. Tilling this time is a whole lot easier cause I’ve already broken it all up with the first round of tiller chasing ground breaking.
I will usually let that sit a day or two and if it don’t rain I will water it some just to get all the fertilizers soaked in and diluted.
My Great Uncle used to make what he called “manure tea”. This is where you put manure and water in a bucket and let it sit a few days, stirring several times a day. This is natural fertilizer. And natural fertilizer is always the healthiest.

I read on the internet the other day that you can make “manure tea” and sell it at a Farmers Market. Hmmm, that’s an idea. I could stir horse manure several times a day for $7.00 a gallon.:mrgreen:

I can just hear my Grandchildren now. “My Grandma made a fortune stirring horse manure.”

Do you think they would keep the Family Business going?

We could be the first to find fame in the Pro Manure Stirrers Association of America!

We could go to photo shoots for the cover of a famous magazine. There would be life size posters in the local farm stores of grandma stirring horse manure . (Ain’t that a picure)

I am going to till my garden. And think about starting a family business.

What makes me smile is coming soon! Be thinking about what makes you smile!