You’re Gonna Eat That?!

I have friends and family that eat unusual food or food combinations.

Some people think, I, also eat strange things.

For instance I like peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Most everyone I know turns their nose up at it. I happen to think it’s delicious. Try it sometime. You don’t have to make a whole sandwich to which you may throw away if you don’t like. Just make a peanut butter sandwich. And get a pickle on the side. Take a bite of each. Now tell me. Good or not?

My Dad happened to like these. He also ate peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. They’re not bad, but I prefer pickle.
He also ate oyster stew. Bleckkkk! No, I’ve never tried it. I just can’t stand the way it looks. I have eaten oysters, fried and steamed and I don’t like them either way, but atleast I tried it. And if I don’t like them fried or steamed, what makes me think I would like them stewed?

My Grandma ate cucumber sandwiches. To me, that’s just a waste of perfectly good bread. Just salt the cucumbers and eat.

Mom ate peaches and cottage cheese. It’s okay. But I’d rather have peanut butter and pickle.

I have a cousin who likes to dip french fries in a milkshake. That one is pretty good. I do that myself on occasion.
I also like to dip onion rings in ranch dressing instead of ketchup. That’s one of my favorites.

My brother thinks anything goes with peanut butter. Bologna, cheese, ham, mayo, and the list goes on. I don’t think there’s anything he won’t put on a peanut butter sandwich. Bleckkkkk!

And don’t forget Elvis’s favorite! Peanut butter and banana sandwich. That is also one of my favorites!

Now before you decide my food choices are not to your liking and decide not to visit me again, think about it while. And don’t hold my food preferences against me.I’ll bet you or someone you know has a few unusual food fancies.

Tell me about the unusual food you or someone you know likes and everyone else says…, “Bleckkkk! You’re not gonna eat that, are you?”

Oh, and about the peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich.

Don’t knock it until you try it!


5 comments on “You’re Gonna Eat That?!

  1. No oyster stew-what? I love it!! My husband makes it from scratch every Christmas Eve and it is so good! But I like oysters any way I can get them so thats probably why I like the stew.

    My husband also eats cottage cheese and fruit. I’ve never tried the peanutbutter pickle combo-but maybe I should if you think its that good.

    My daughters both eat yogurt with everything-cheese toast, pizza, fruit, vegtables-they smear it on anything they eat. Totally gross! But good for them so I don’t complain to much. Now I’ll be thinking of food combos all day!

  2. Tipper-I just can’t bring myself to eat yogurt. It’s like eating soured milk.

    Kasey-you should try it sometime. If you do, let me know your thoughts.

  3. My personal favorite combo is pretzels and malted milk balls.

    My younger sisters like Pixie sticks poured on potato chips. My sister’s daughter used to dip her bacon in Sprite, and a good friend used to dip french fries in mayonnaise. Ew!

  4. I love peanut butter never knew it went with a pickle hmmm.
    I still cannot bring myself to try the following

    Mayo/banana sandwich (yuck) trade the mayo for peanut butter thats my kind of sandwich!

    Chicken livers! Yuck! no way no how!
    Now my husband and his family love them. I make sure I eat before if that is what dinner is.

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