Updates: A Chicken and a Delay!

Remember me telling you about the dead chicken laying in the middle of the road?

Well, this is what the chicken should have been wearing.


Maybe she wouldn’t have ended up meeting her fate that cool spring day in April.:-(

I told you that next door to my work place they are gonna build something. They have been working feverishly, between severe weather watches and torrential downpours, to get the entrance ready for the builders to come in and get started. I keep watching for the changes hoping to get some interesting pics of the progress. I think there will be a little more of a delay after the accident that took place today at the construction site. It seems the small hill the loader decided to drive up, wasn’t quite so small.

 Notice the bed of the dump truck. It’s a little bent wouldn’t you say?

And I’ll bet the driver of that loader had to go home and change clothes after that little episode!:oops:

 Nobody was hurt, a little shaken and maybe, uhhum, wet, but not hurt.

I haven’t made it to the beach yet. Although I am yearning to sit back and let the waves and the sunshine drain the stress out of my overstressed body.

Is that possible?

And I haven’t made it to the hammock swing yet either. You would think as close as it is (in my backyard) that I could stroll out there and plop down anytime I felt the need to. Oh noooo, not yet!

Maybe if I could drag my computer out there and set up a makeshift temporary desk and…
I know, I know, I’m dreaming! What’s wrong with that?

 Part of the planning is the dreaming, right? Possibly I’m getting a little closer to the hammock swing. And if I can dream my self to the hammock swing, then maybe I could dream myself up a laptop with an air card, too.

I’m doing it again, ain’t I?:roll:

 Maybe I’ll just try to dream myself out there and take a nap.