What Makes Me Smile-Part II

Those Carolina blue skies, make me smile!

Blue skies mean sunshine. Sunshine means happiness.
It all trickles downhill….

Blue skies…
Me smiling with my face pointed upward, soaking in the sunshine.

I grew up in West Virginia where there are mountains. Big beautiful mountains.
When we came here my Dad commented about how pretty the Carolina blue skies are. He said he thought the reason they were so pretty is because there were no mountains to obscure the view and we could see so much more of the sky.
I like taking pictures of the sky, with the big fluffy clouds. And it’s a special treat if I can capture the rays of sunshine on film. Such as this…


But when these severe storms start heading our way, those same skies can be downright menacing.


Those dark clouds can beat down on you, showing you exactly who is in control. And it is not you!
This year, so far, has been a doozy for severe weather.

I have been in the Carolinas since the early 90’s and I don’t remember there being a spring with this much severe weather.
Has it always been this way? Correct me if I am wrong! Or have I been going about my merry way, totally clueless?
They just keep coming. Almost weekly.

I frequently read blogs from the midwest. They speak of the severe weather in their area, the sirens, hiding in bathtubs and storm cellars. And I know it’s coming my way. I start praying for those that are experiencing those horrible storms. And praying that they will dissipate before they get here.
I watch the satellite radar and wait. And pray!

No, I’m not a fanatic. I’m not a scaredy-cat. I’ve seen what those things can do.

And I am not prepared to take flight on the winds of a tornado. I’m not in Kansas and I don’t want to go there by way of a tornado.
When they start heading my way I long for the protection of the mountains.
We get severe storms in the spring coming from the west. And tropical storms in the summer coming from the southeast.
We have severe storms heading our way today.
For now…
I am enjoying the beautiful Carolina blue skies and the sunshine that it brings.

But later, you’ll find me hiding in the bathtub, with my pillows and mattress.

Okay, it’s your turn, what makes you smile?