Rambling Thoughts

Nothing inparticular to write about today. Just a few scatterbrained thoughts.

I am glad I live in the U.S.A.!

This flag flies at my work place. I am glad I work in a place that loves the U.S.A. as much as I do!

Below is a picture of a spring hayfield at the end of March.

I drive by it on my way home from work.

Below is a picture of the same hay field at the end of April.

My horses are ready. I’m sure they can smell it from here. Amazing how much it’s grown in just 4 weeks.

I was taking a walk around the farm the other day and ran across a few things that brought warm feelings all over.

Here’s one of my horses trying to get rid of all that excess winter hair.


And I ran across this near my son’s home, which is also on the our farm.

Where the granddaughters play.


I’m finished rambling now.

This is waiting for me outside, calling my name. Come sit with me.


This is where I want to be.

But for now, I’ll just sit in my hammock swing and dream of being at the beach.

Is it possible to imagine the ocean smell?

Well, I’m gonna try anyway!


2 comments on “Rambling Thoughts

  1. It is amazing how much the hay has grown. I was just thinking the same thing about some pastures I pass on my way to the girls school. Love the picture of the horse! My husband and I had horses before we had the girls-I still miss them.

  2. Tipper: I love it when I can get a picture of the horses doing something a little different than just grazing. I have been worried about the hay due to the drought we’ve been experiencing. Last year there wasn’t a second cutting of hay. So the price shot up and it was hard to find. Hopefully this year will be better.

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