Makes Me Smile, part IV


Honeysuckle makes me smile!

Just the sight of it makes me smile. Because I know in a few more feet I will be enjoying that sweet aroma.

I’ll be walking along, deep in thought, not paying attention to what’s around me. Then all of the sudden, the scent tickles your nose. 


 I’ll stop in my tracks, breathe in deep that sweet aroma. I have to pull myself away.

It’s my favorite scent. Many have tried, but none can come close to imitating that scent.

It grows all over the farm.

I’ve taught all my children how to taste that sweet honeysuckle taste. And I look forward to teaching my grandchildren.

Believe it or not there is a way to taste the honey like the bees do.

It’s a sweet reward while mowing.

Even The Captain will stop the mower and breathe in deep.

Okay, it’s your turn.

What’s making you smile this week? 

Our Memorial Day Festivities

On Memorial Day weekend, The Captain, Boo, his best friend and I attended

The Freedom Weekend Aloft in Simpsonville, SC.

There were many things going on such as: outdoor concerts, outdoor booths with advertisements and free stuff, crafts, demonstrations, food, a small carnival, a canine frisbee competition, a tribute to our military troops, hot air balloon rides, tethered rides and a hot air balloon competition.

I must have walked 20 miles that day. I should have lost 20 pounds. A pound a mile is fair, don’t you think?

The things they can teach those dogs to do, is amazing!


I have a hard time just house breaking a dog.

Then begins the hot air balloon event.


The Captain gets to be in charge of holding the tail of the hot air balloon.


The tail, is a tether attached to the top of the balloon. He has to keep the balloon from rolling around while it’s being filled with air. Which is important when you have a whole field of hot air balloons being inflated at the same time.


The Captain’s point of view.

Oh, look! Somebody thought The Captain looked lonely. Sorry, Honey, somebody has to take pictures and it looks as if you’re too busy.


And, hold it while the air inside is being heated and the balloon is rising, to keep control of the balloon until it is fully risen.


 Here is my mostest favorite hot air balloon in the world!

 Eagles Wings Hot Air Balloon.

The pilot, Robert Sarratt, the crew chief and chaser, Peggy Sarratt and today’s crew, including, my husband, The Captain, as I so affectionately call him.

Ready for lift off! Notice the pilot giving “Thumbs Up”!

 This is a beautiful sight. The pictures are only a glimpse into the full beauty you will witness at one of these events.  




The chasers preparing to chase…


After the balloons are in the air and the chasers have left the field, they set up the field for competition. The field is marked off with a large X on one end and a plastic kiddie pool filled with water, on the other end. The object is to get points by dropping a flag into the marked off area or if your lucky and skilled enough you can drop your flag into the kiddie pool for the cash grand prize. There is only one flag per balloon. If your lucky the wind will let you drift close enough to the pool to drop your flag in. Then the trick is to get the flag to fall into the pool, and again the wind is a factor of where the flag will fall.

This is the first competition I have attended. The kids would get so excited. Everytime one of the balloons would get close, the kids would run and watch, hoping a flag would make it into the pool. Although, some got very close, not one actually landed in the pool. The fun was in the anticipation.

We went to an outdoor “Montgomery Gentry” concert in the ampitheatre area after the balloon lift off. We could see the balloons from where we were. It was fun to watch the balloons rising and falling, seemingly into the trees, all around the ampitheatre area. As they tried to maneuvure their balloons into the field.

If you ever get to attend one of these balloon events, go for it! It’s a beautiful sight you won’t want to miss, and a lot of fun.

And Montgomery Gentry performed an awesome concert.

 Thanks Eagles Wings for inviting us!

Happy Birthday, Granny!


is The Captains, maternal grandmother.

Today is her birthday.

I’m not gonna say her age. That’s not important. Your welcome, Granny!:wink:

If I live to be her age I hope that I am as healthy as she is and I look as good as she does!

She looks great, she drives and does everything every other normal American does.

I envy her, cause sometimes I wonder if she’s healthier than I am.


She lives in the midwest, where it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

They have tornados and earthquakes and flooding.

Oh my!

We don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. Cause she’s so far away. But we usually get to see her atleast once a year, if “WE” are lucky.

What’s more important is the changes she’s seen in her lifetime.

From no phone to a phone you can carry with you anywhere and call anywhere at any time.

From open window breezes to the air conditioning we couldn’t live without.

From the little building out back that you had to trudge through the rain or snow to get to. To 2 or 3 or more bathrooms in one house. A place on every corner you could stop at if necessary.:shock:

Speaking of every corner. There was no fast food in her younger days.

One bank in town and everyone banked there.

One grocery store. And in it was everything you needed.

People didn’t lock their doors. Didn’t need to. At that time people cared about people, strangers or not.

Granny loves to watch birds. She has a book that she uses to identify each bird that ruffles its tail feathers in her back yard. No more, “look at the pretty red, blue or yellow bird”. It’s, “what a beautiful cardinal or indigo bunting that is”. Not that she didn’t know the most of them, the book tells her about the unusual visitors to her back yard.

Granny, we hope your having a Wonderful Birthday! Relax and enjoy!

And we hope to see you soon!