Comfort Food

I found a rainbow! Again!

It was flying just outside my front door! We know these people personally. If you haven’t read about my Dad’s Rainbow, you can here.

My mother worked full-time when I was growing up. Dinners were quick and easy.

She would make chili or breakfast for dinner and sometimes creamed tomatoes with batter bread. Anything that was quick without a lot of cleanup after. Even though kitchen duty was mine.

But the one thing I remember her preparing the most was grilled cheese. We had so much grilled cheese that when I started housekeeping, grilled cheese was not on the menu. I was burnt out to say the least. Of course, by this time there was an array of quick and easy foods in the freezer section of the super market.

Recently, I had out patient surgery. As you know, you can’t eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight the night before. By the time I was released from the hospital I was starving and cotton mouth in no way described my thirst. The Captain looked after me with great care! Taking me and bringing me home again. In my somewhat groggy state, I was hungry but fast food was not appealing. I just wanted to go home and rest.


The Captain mentioned eating after we returned home and I couldn’t think of a thing that appealed to me, although I was famished. He suggested “Grilled Cheese”. Ooooo, yeah, that’s it! Just what I NEEDED. My eyes lit up. He couldn’t get it fixed fast enough.

He prepared me two, perfectly toasted golden brown Grilled Cheese. That hit the spot! And with my hunger satisfied, I napped the rest of the afternoon.


It was then that I realized, Grilled Cheese was my comfort food. All those years, I don’t know how I survived without having a comfort food.

Now I can’t get enough. For some people it’s chocolate that is their comfort food. Others it may be ice cream.

Do you have a Comfort Food?

What is it?

How do you prepare it?