Missing Chicken-UPDATED!

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a persons mind when they throw something out of the window of their car?

Pay attention to the things you see along the highway.

Fast food containers, bags, cups.

Cigarette butts.



I could go on…You get the idea.

A hat, I can understand. It just simply blew off someones head. Maybe while riding in the back of a truck or in a jeep with the top off.

Or maybe even clothing that blew out. Did someone just not like that shirt anymore and threw it out the window. Or maybe it caught on fire from their cigarette they thought they threw out and it came back in the window with 6 inch flames. Geez!

Shoes? Did ya buy a new pair and didn’t need the old ones anymore? What’s up with that?! Or maybe they were hurting your feet and you just got mad and threw them out. Or, maybe they were in the rear floor and the cigarette you threw out came back and burnt a hole through the sole? So since one is no good, just throw the other out too?

Yesterday. I saw something I haven’t seen before.

A chicken!

Not a  chicken leg bone. Not one prepared and packaged for sale. A chicken! A whole dead chicken! Feathers and all! Just laying there in the middle of the road. Like it wandered out there and fell over.

I live in the country. I’m used to seeing chickens all over the place. But this was in town! Where there are no chickens!

Did it fall out of a truck? Get loose from its pen while riding down the road? Get delusional and wander off? If so, how long had it been wandering? It looked kinda skinny. It reminded me of one of those rubber chickens that comedians use as a prop.

I haven’t seen any ads in the local newspaper, offering a reward for a lost chicken. 

Maybe it was someones pet. Okay, it was riding in the passenger seat. On its way to the local farm store to get a treat. The windows were down. She flapped her wings at the wrong time and the wind sucked her out the window. She shoulda had a seatbelt!

I just wanna know. Where did the chicken come from? How long has it been missing? Is there a sad child somewhere mourning their missing chicken?

How long does it have to be missing before someone puts up flyers and offers a reward?

If you hear about a missing chicken, let me know. I know just where to find it.

Sorry, I was driving and wasn’t able to get a picture. I was in town, in five o’clock traffic. I think people would have thought it a little strange if I had pulled over and stopped traffic so I could take a picture of a dead chicken in the middle of the road. Maybe they would have thought it was my missing chicken and felt sorry for me.

Maybe, I should have stopped for a picture, just so you’ll believe me. I’m not crazy! There WAS a chicken in the middle of the road!

It’s quite ironic because a blog I read daily is called Chickens in the Road.

I don’t think this is what Suzanne meant when she named her website “Chickens in the Road“!

Suzanne, if your reading this, I really didn’t make this up.

Maybe I should stop and take a picture. Just for credibility purposes. I’m just afraid that with all that traffic, I might end up lying beside the chicken.

On second thought. You’ll just have to think I’m crazy.

I don’t want somebody taking pictures and writing about me in their blog tomorrow. Wondering who is the lady lying in the road and why was she carrying a camera and a chicken?

UPDATE: April 25, 2008

I drove by that chicken again yesterday. Hoping maybe the traffic would slow down enough to get a shot.

Traffic was slowing, had my camera ready. Yeah, I’m gonna prove I didn’t make it up!

When I got to the chicken, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t have been a pretty picture. Ewwwwww!

Oh great, there goes my credibility. (sigh)

 I’m gonna have to post anonymous so no one will know it’s me.

5 comments on “Missing Chicken-UPDATED!

  1. I SO think you should have stopped traffic and taken a picture. LOL! Too funny. Love your wandering thoughts on things at the side of the road. What IS it with the lone shoe here and there at the side of the road???

  2. I wonder about the stuff on the side of the road too.
    If you need someone to vouch for you I can!

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