We Grow Rocks!

We grow rocks!

This kind of rocks…

Don’t believe me? Look at this…

or this…all those white spots in the pasture, are rocks.


It looks worse close up and personal, believe me! And by the way, that’s The Captain on the riding mower.

We picked up rocks. And picked up rocks. Until there were no rocks left in the horse paddock.

Here’s the pile, see…..

And still everytime it rains. We grow more rocks.

We thought about putting up a sign along the road.

Rocks for sale! Pick your own.

(kinda like the strawberry fields or blueberry patches)

But we decided everyone else around here had the same problem, so our get rich scheme probably wouldn’t work. (Sigh)

We need a big hammer crusher. That’s it!

We could get a big hammer crusher and put a sign up that states…

Crush and Run for sale! You crush.

Do ya think that would work?

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