Hero’s and Tractors

We NEED to build a barn and a fence!

But first we have to FIX the tractor.

Here’s the tractor…

What’s missing? Yep, the motor.

The block is at the repair shop being cleaned up.

The rest of it, is here…


And here…

And here…

And here…

And spread out all over the tractor shed. I’m sure there are containers of small nuts, bolts, washers… lying around here and there.

But don’t touch anything. The Captain knows just where everything is. If you move so much as a washer he will not be able to put the tractor back together.

I know what most of those pieces and parts are. And I know they belong to the tractor. But exactly where they go? Nope. That’s The Captain’s expertise.

I’m just a go-fer! I don’t even know how to drive the thing. The Captain gave me a lesson about a year ago.  I drove about 200 feet and he wanted it back.

Before I went back to work full-time, I tried to do as much around the farm as I could. So when The Captain came home from work he could rest. But I refused to learn to work the tractor. My list of to do’s was getting longer by the week. And learning to run the tractor would only make it longer.

Yes, The Captain needs to rest after working all day! But he still needs something to do. Some kind of responsibility around the farm. You know the Alpha Male thing. The thing that seperates the men from the women. ARRRRGH!

Just between you and me. I want to know how the tractor works. But I’m not telling him that. Next thing you know, he’ll have me digging fence post holes with the auger. Or hooking chains to it and pulling down dead trees. (that’s another story)

I refuse! Some things are just better left up to the guys.

Besides, The Captain is my “Hero”! If I learn all that he knows, then “I” will be my Hero. That ain’t no fun, now is it?

3 comments on “Hero’s and Tractors

  1. I am not allowed to weedeat at my house. It seems I do it wrong. HEE HEE. I did it in my childhood and teen years did not like it then and I would rather work in the flower and bush areas in the yard. That’s my little secret. atleast one of then.lol

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