Homemade vs. Takeout!

My family loves my semi-homemade pizza.

I personally like to go out for pizza. It’s always better when someone else cooks it!

This post is about how to make a good pizza crust from a boxed version.

I buy the pizza kit. It includes the crust mix, sauce and grated parmesan cheese.

 I basically follow the directions on the box. Except I add about a half a cup of self-rising flour to the crust mix.


 With a fork I mix the crust mix and flour while dry.


 Then I add the hot water. Look at the box for the preferred temperature. If it’s too hot it will kill the yeast. I mix until its smooth and elastic. Follow the box directions.

After the resting time I spray my hands and pizza pan with a non-stick cooking spray and spread the dough on the pan. I prefer using a cookie sheet rather than a pizza pan. No reason, I just do.

Then top with sauce, toppings of your choice and cheese and bake according to the box directions.

And voila, pizza!

My family is happy and no longer starving like they swear they were while waiting!

I still like pizzeria pizza better. Next time they take me OUT for pizza.

Which do you prefer homemade or pizzeria?