The Rainbow

I found a rainbow!

Granted, it’s not a REAL rainbow, but a rainbow, none the less. I love them all!

A rainbow has always, for me, been God’s way of saying, “It’s gonna be okay”. It seems, during some of the most trying of times, a rainbow will show it’s colorful face.

Some of you have heard first hand, some only in brief by another and a few were here to witness this up close and personal story of my rainbow.  This has spread far and wide across this great country. And it has a new meaning for more than a few.

During my Dad’s last day with us, I watched over him closely. Knowing his time was near and I knew he was waiting…

Waiting for me to tell him it’s okay to go.

How do you tell someone you hold so dear that it’s okay to move on?

On to a place where there is no sorrow or pain. Where everything is new again. Where Jesus will lead you to see God’s glorious face.

I decided to ask God for guidance. “Give me the words to say, and please, without the tears,” I asked.

I mustered up the strength and went into his room. I pulled up a stool and sat down. Although he was unable to respond, I knew he could hear me.

 I talked awhile as if he were fully aware and able to respond. I ended the conversation by saying, “When you get to heaven, tell God to send me a rainbow.”

Unable to hold back the tears any longer, I left the room. Daddy quietly passed a short time later.


I told only a handful of people my last words to Dad. And put it in the back of my mind. Not giving it a second thought. I also knew I wouldn’t see a rainbow until the day of the funeral. I can’t tell you how, I just knew.

The morning of the funeral, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful springlike day. I wasn’t thinking about the rainbow. I had faith that at some time it would appear. It’s like the sunrise, you don’t think about it, it just happens. That’s how I felt about the rainbow.

About 8:30 am, a knock came at my front door. A man identifying himself as a “Balloon Chaser” said that a hot air balloon has landed in my pasture. And asked if he may drive out there to pick up the balloon, gondola and its occupants.

“Of course, you may!” And I explained how to get there. I went back inside to the other side of my house to see this balloon.

There it was, 100 feet in the air, standing proudly, was this hot air balloon.


At first, I was awed by the balloon itself, just to see if up so close. It wasn’t until I had beckoned everyone in the house to “Come see the balloon”, that I realized the vivid rainbow colors.

God had sent my rainbow in the form of a hot air balloon!

I had only seen a handful of rainbows in my life prior to this.

Within the two years since the day the rainbow landed in my pasture, I have seen more rainbows than I had in all the previous years, combined.

It was, and continues to be, my Dad’s last testament on this earth. Proving there is a God and my Dad is sitting next to him, watching over me!

Now, I’m going rainbow hunting. I’ll let you know the next time I find one. In whatever form it may be.

Do you have any rainbow stories you’d like to share?

I would love to hear them!

5 comments on “The Rainbow

  1. Hello twistedfencepost,

    Thank you for sharing this
    inspirational post with me
    and my readers when i
    was reading it I teared up..

    Wow this is a very powerful
    post on how God works in
    mysterious ways… 😉

  2. Like you, I too gave my dad the reasurrances that it was ok for him to go to his reward. He had been down only about a month, choosing a no treatment option. In this last day, I sat with him telling him that everything was being done just as he had requested, and that we would take care of his wife and his brother. I assured him that all would be well, and that his cotton had been picked that day. In less than an hour, he went quietly. He was so peaceful and it made me happy that I had been there for him. I don’t have any particular rainbow stories, but I love yours.

  3. My story is of a butterfly, as a sign that my favorite aunt was in heaven with God.
    She and I had shared many ideas and thoughts through the years and when we were talking about death I told her that my husband decided if God would let us, whoever died first would send a butterfly down to the remaining spouse as a sign that they had crossed safely over to heaven. She was battling breast cancer at the time and we all thought she was going to make it as 4 years were soon coming up since her diagnosis.
    After I shared about the butterfly she just stared at me and smiled. I smiled back thinking she must think we are crazy or something, but not saying anything more about the butterfly thing.
    When she passed away about a year later, I was devastated; I had thought that she was going to be okay and I wanted her to be here on earth with us for many years yet (she was only 61 years old).
    My husband took me to an women’s golfing event close to where we lived 2 days later the day before my aunts calling hours, as a way to spend some time alone with him, sharing our grief.
    We walked the course not really paying much attention to the players or the event. We happened to see a classmate of mine that I had not seen for many years. We sat on a grassy knoll with her & her husband talking and catching up as well as reminising of high school days.
    I told her that my aunt had just died 2 days before and she shared with me about her own mother’s bout with breat cancer. It helped us both to talk about our losses that day, but what happened next just took my breath away.
    I saw a small orb of color flit by my face and as I realized it was a butterfly, it landed on the grass right beside my hand. I had never seen a butterfly with so many colors in it’s wings, and haven’t since then anywhere, even in books. I was overwhelmed with emotion and could not speak for several minutes as the tears spilled from my eyes. My friend saw the butterfly too and was amazed that it didn’t seem to want to fly away, even when we moved to get more comfortable on the hard ground. It just stayed there by my hand for what seemed a very long time. Long enough for me to say a prayer of thanks in my heart for the sign that I knew God gave me. Long enough for me to be able to control my emotions enough to speak again and to tell my friend why that butterfly was so special to me.
    I don’t know why I am so amazed at the things God allows to happen to comfort us. But I am. Your rainbow story also touched my heart, and I am glad you shared it.
    Everytime we share those special moments with others it opens a door to another person to share something they have experienced. I feel we keep hope flowing like ripples on the water with the little and the bigger miracles of life. It’s a witness to His love for us.
    Thank you for throwing the pebble and starting another ripple of hope!

  4. While my rainbow story is not connected to anyone’s passing or any requests of mine for a sign or anything, it is a memory as vivid today as it was the day it happened to me over 50 years ago. I was on vacation with several of my sibs and mom and dad. We had spent the night at a motel close to Yellowstone National Park. We got up and drove into the park going to see Old Faithful and in a huge open field area there was a rainbow that you could see from side to side… as if someone had put it there just for me and everyone else to see. You felt like you could go stand where it started and also where it ended. Unfortunately, that was before color film for our camera was readily available, so the only image of it is retained in my mind. And I know that God smiles on us in many different ways.


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