Invisible Snake

We live on a farm.
Along with all the farm critters.
Aside from the usual dogs, horses, rabbit…we also have the not so desirable critters.
Such as snakes.
I don’t like snakes!
There is an old saying…Where there’s one, there’s two. I can never find the other one!
Or this saying…Leave a black snake alone, he’ll chase off the poisonous ones.
Yeah, Right! Okay, I’ll leave it alone as long as it’s not near the house or the (children playing) yard.
But if I find a poisonous snake, I don’t care where it’s at. It’s OUTTA here! I can never find a black snake when I need it to chase off a poisonous one. So it’s up to me and out comes the mattic, hoe or whatever LONG HANDLED implement I can find.
One evening while leaving for dinner in town. The Captain, driving, says, “There he is!” And procedes to drive, NOT into the dirt road diveway. But into the woods along the driveway to be exact. That leaves my young son, my oldest son, a friend and myself in complete confusion. After asking several times, what or who, and not getting a reply. The Captain backs up, pulls back into the dirt road driveway and calmly says, “Snake”.
Then my daughter and her boyfriend, who were behind us in his truck, procede to drive into the woods along the driveway. The Captain exclaims, “He sees it!” And jumps out of the truck.
Apparently, they were the only ones who could see this invisible snake. In the dark, mind you.
Upon reluctantly exiting ourself from The Captain’s truck to investigate this still invisible snake. We find the boyfriend on the hood of his truck guiding my daughter, who is now at the wheel, further into the woods.
That COPPERHEAD didn’t know what hit him!

Thus was born our family expression…

In conversation over dinner, about the copperhead adventure. We find out that boyfriend had seen the snake on the way in and told The Captain. Which explains why they were the only ones who could see this invisible snake.
I never did find number two! And if he’s smart, he won’t let himself be found in my neck of the woods!
I can just imagine the snake thinking, “Ahhhhhhhh, Rednecks and they’ve got sticks! Slither for your life!”
And by the way, just in case you didn’t know. Snakes do come out after dark. Keep your flashlight charged and ready.


One comment on “Invisible Snake

  1. My friend and roommate is 67 and not very mobile went out in her power wheelchair to do some weeding around the flower bed. We had been out there earlier working around it trying to clean it up, and as it was hot here in Oklahoma, we had come in for a cool down and she headed back outside before I was ready. A couple of minutes later the door opened and she said “I need your help.” I got up and as we were headed to the flower bed she said “A snake bit me and I think you should try to find it so we will know what it is…” Long story short, we decided she needed to go to the hospital first since it is about 30 minutes away and see what needed to be done, and I would try to find it later. She had to stay at the hospital so I drove home to get her some overnight things and I went snake hunting. I found it. I called the hospital after I caught it to see if they wanted me to bring it in. While I waited for the nurse to find out what the doctor wanted me to do I went to a website about Oklahoma snakes and promptly found a picture of it.
    A western pygmy rattlesnake, commonly called a ground rattlesnake. I put it in the freezer to put it to sleep and to keep it if the doc wanted it. Before it was all over I bet I had the tightest sphincter I’ve had since I was a young one. Scary first time snake hunting for a 63 year old former city girl. I sure couldda used your redneck!!!

    Thanks for a fun post.

    Helen G.

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