The Luck is in the Cards!

Saturday nights are for cards at my in-laws house. They taught us a card game while camping last July in Charleston, South Carolina.

Included in the card games are “The Captain”, my husband, and I, my mother and father-in-law, and brother and sister-in-law. We play teams, gals against guys.

My FIL is ver competitive when it comes to card playing. Maybe I should say RUTHLESS!

 And I have vowed to beat the socks off him! For the months we have been playing, I have yet to get those socks.

The guys make snyde little remarks, claiming they feel sorry for us because we cannot get the FIL’s socks. Their only concern is winning! Feeling sorry for the gals is just a way of not hacking off the wives.

They have asked, “Would you like us to not lay down the last card and let you win?”

 Well, Yeah!

Well, no, not really!

I have come to the conclusion that instead of being the opposing card playing team. We are just the Saturday night entertainment for the guys. It could be worse. They could go elsewhere for their entertainment. But they choose to stay home with us ladies while beating the pants off us at cards.

This is one of my typical hands. Not Good!

I will admit that the last two weeks our luck has been changing. We (the girls) have been holding our own. They win, we win…

Atleast we feel a little competitive fairness!

I think it may have something to do with me telling them it was their turn to entertain. And since it wasn’t in the cards, I have thought of another way. This would inlcude loud music and Speedos.

They were not amused!

It may explain the chaging of the luck!

Who knows?! They wouldn’t admit to it if it were!



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