Dandelion Springs

Spring hasn’t sprung. But it’s springing!

I hate winter. Well, maybe not hate. Maybe not winter. I hate being cold! I despise having to wear all those clothes. I can’t get warm no matter how much clothing I put on. I miss back in in West Virginia when we had those open face gas heaters or better yet, a wood stove. A person could get warm, not warm but hot, in a very short time. If you weren’t careful you woulld find the back of your pant legs smoking. Then you turn around and let the back side cool and warm up the front side. You could keep turning till you were at your desired temperature. Unless you weren’t the only cold person in the room, then you reluctantly take turns.

Getting back to spring. This warm westher gets me moving. I come out of hibernation and start planning.

Take a look at some of th pictures I took outside my door…

These are periwinkles. They grow wild. Such dainty little flowers. But they can take over your garden if your not careful.

This is a crocus. Not wild. I planted it.



Daffodil. I planted those too. The came from the original old house site on this farm. Only one in bloom now, others are springing.



Everyone knows a Dandelion. Most people don’t like them in their yar. I like the color they give to an otherwise all green area.


Yep, planted this Bradford Pear, too. They are beautiful when they’re in full bloom.


This is a hay field near our farm. All pretty and green. The horses can’t wait!


This is one of my strawberry plants. It’s getting ready for spring. (springing)


My plants are small. They need a few more years for maturity. Until then, we have a huge strawberry farm here. It won’t be long till we’ll be strawberry picking. All we can carry. And maybe more that one trip!


Now that spring is here…well, almost here. I can’t wait to get my tiller out and start turning the ground. I think I’ll plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini….

What’s your springing plans?



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